Marcus & Martinus - Lost

Bella is 15 years old, she lives in a little city called Trofors, her father moved job, since the job he had before wasn't good. Bella had to move school, so she moved school to Trofors School. She came in 9th grade.


1. Chapter 1. The new school.

It was a winter evening, Bella & her family, just moved in.

She lived a few miles away from her school, she got a bus card, so she could drive to school.

   Bellas dad, John had to move job, since the other one, was very bad, and he didn't

get paid a lot.

Bella moved her stuff in the room, and sat down on bed, she took a cactus, placed it in front of the window,  

And then she hanged a light cable up and turned it on. She looked out of her window, it began to snow. 

Bella is not used to see snow, since she lived in Australia before.

Suddenly, she fell asleep. 


Martinus: 'Did you hear, that a new girl moved in?'

Marcus: 'Yes, dad told me'

Martinus: 'Shall we go talk to her, or..?'

Marcus: 'I think we have to wait for tomorrow, she just moved in'

Martinus: 'Hmmm... Okay.'


Bella? John came in. Wake up, I've made a salad to you. Without meat.

Thanks, dad but I'm not so hungry.

Well, can you take a walk with Jelly? Jelly is Bellas dog.


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