a collection of poems...


1. empire


drops of blood in the shark pool

take a leap from the ark

into a world of pain and darkness

penance for your sins and shamefulness

dose yourself with money and power

iron fist is how you rule

five pointed crowns and medallions

the great empire is dripping with blood

down the walls and down the streets

mixing with the sewers and mud

you're married to hate and oppression

so close your eyes and walk in the wilderness

like a lost king with no crown

or a dying queen weeping all the way down

but you're anointed by the people

with a chip on your shoulder

you stumble through the fog rigid with FEAR

your heart's carrying struggles 

so let them drop down like rocks

dip yourself in spiritual elixirs like rain

and you'll get yourself some respite

from pain

you'll probably die anonymous

you'll probably die with broken promises

you'll probably walking from the panic

you'll probably die among human snakes

that learnt to walk on concrete streets

and you'll never grow accustomed to the FEAR

empires crack, like glass shatters

cutting up your flesh and shining as they go

rivers run red, lakes are bloodflows

what happens inside you stays inside

so don't take your feelings with you

make them disperse

make your life elegant and sparse 

this empire is dead, eaten by sharks

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