a collection of poems...


2. bloom


my soul is blooming

with energy, it's frenzied

like a rampage of honesty

i bloom when the love flows

and the hate goes

i bloom like a million red roses

but careful i have thorns

don't stain my petals with drops of blood

they fizzle on my surface like acid 

i bloom like a sunflower turned up at the sun

so yellow and mellow

i bloom like a million words that seeped through

dead scrolls in dead ink 

dark blue and remote on aged pages that link

me to another fantasy that you built

i bloom like a meadow that rolls and roils 

in a thousand twists and turns

i bloom when poetry flows out of me and in me

my DNA is amassed of virtuosity

you're DNA is amassed of living pointlessly

so don't smile at me

cos i'll bloom

i don't need your niceness to unleash the colours

that stand out inside me

so why don't you bloom with me?

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