When things are getting hot and stressful in the office, there's only one way to cool off!


5. The Sex:

I immediately pulled myself in towards the desk then I climbed upon reaching for his smooth muscly chest! I didn't hesitate to snog him! We kissed so passionately our wet long tongues intertwining with each other's while I explored the rest of his magnificent body! ''why don't you put that tongue to good use?''- he said so I headed downstairs to his trousers. I quickly unzipped his trousers and pulled them down, a huge bulge appeared behind his boxers so I pulled them down with my mouth, his huge cock flew out and I couldn't wait to get my gob around it! I started from the bottom, licking the shaft all the way to the top while I tickled his balls in my hands. I pushed my head right to the base to give him the best blowjob he'd ever had! I pushed him back against the wall of his office and I slid myself off of his desk, I pulled down my tight black dress leaving m in my sexy red panties! He slowly pulled them down and dropped them at my ankles before he slid his soft fingers in my tight wet pussy! He fingered me so well, like he was experienced! He kept licking his fingers to reduce the friction so that the squeezed right in! After I screamed in pleasure, he removed his fingers and headed down with his tongue! he slipped his long wet tongue in between the tight flaps of my pussy an began moving it in a circular motion while he rubbed my clit with his thumb! After a few minutes, I couldn't stop myself, I squirted in his face! Oh no! would he get mad? No! He pull his head out from between my legs and licked the juices from around his mouth and wiped the rest away with his broken shirt that was laying just next to us! Once he had wiped himself down, I got back off of his desk and knelt down in front of him, I pushed my huge boobs together fitting hid long hard cock between them! I bounced them up and down over and over again, pulling his foreskin back even more! I licked the tip of his dick while my huge tits took care of the rest! After a couple of minutes, I realised how long he had lasted! He was definitely the best guy I'd ever slept with! I let go of my juicy boobs which allowed his cock to go back to its original stiff shape and stood up in front of him, so close that his cock pressed up against my flat stomach, I could feel all of the blood rushing to his cock, he was so hard! I gave him a nod and he spun be around so my back was towards him, I bent over his side of his desk revealing my tight arsehole to him. He must've loved what he saw as within a couple of seconds he has penetrated my tight arse with his big juicy cock! While he pounded my body with his, my arse cheeks wobbled frantically. It was a lot rougher now! I loved it! After a minute or two, my arse was sore, so I pushed him away and tolled him to lay on the desk. he laid with his back on the desk with his enormous firm cock standing stiff in the air! I stood up over him on the desk and squatted down onto his cock, I saddles him like a horse! I rode his huge dick for about five minutes! Constantly thrusting up and down and up and down! My juicy boobs bounced in time with me and my fat arse crashed against his buff chest! After a while longer of me riding his cock, he went quiet and his face tensed, I knew he was about to cum so I hopped off his cock and knelt below him waiting for him. He finally got up and began tugging furiously at his cock, which was now slightly bigger and a lot harder than before! while he was tugging his dick I licked and fondled his hairless balls: ''I want you to cum all over my face and tits daddy!'' - I exclaimed ''mmm mhm...'' - he murmured when huge waves of his white thick cum shot out of his cock! there was loads! It went all over my face, in my mouth in my hair and on my sexy tanned body! I kept my eyes closed so none went in but I had my mouth wide open! As it trickled down my face I tried to lick as much of it up as I could! I swallowed, obviously, and it was actually pretty good! I really enjoyed the meal! He panted frequently, while I sucked the tip of his dick getting the last drops of cum into my body! ''you should misbehave more often young lady! I quite thoroughly enjoyed disciplining you today!'' - he explained, ''and I'll do my best to be even naughtier for you baby!'' - I whispered back seductively!

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