When things are getting hot and stressful in the office, there's only one way to cool off!


4. My Punishment:

He pointed at a chair opposite his desk so I scampered over to it and took a seat with my legs crossed like a school girl. The desk had no back so I could see straight through it. His eyes diverted from mine to my large boobs which were held up by my red kinky bra behind my tight, slightly sweaty shirt while he shouted about what I'd done.

''so what are we gunna do with to?''- he murmured angrily ''well, I have been a bad girl. so I'm  gunna have to be punished!'' I whispered seductively while I rubbed my leg up and down  his. I undone my top button and revealed my cleavage to him! His jaw dropped, his eyes were filled with amazement and I saw a lump appear in his trousers!

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