A hot day out

A newly found couple's casual car trip turns into a sexy, hot and romantic experience!


4. The service Station:

After 5 more miles on the road we finally arrived at the station- it was empty! I instantly saw why! It was filthy! never had so much rubbish been sweeping along the floor ever, for a moment it looked as if we had just pulled into a rubbish tip not a station.

Once we had parked up the car and was heading into the main building, a group of fat middle aged bearded motorcyclists strolled past us-

''you should've seen what I left in that toilet!''- one of them shouted, not realising that we were just up ahead!

I gave him a look of disgust, as we walked past and him and his mates grinned as they shouted back:

''don't go in the fourth stall mate!'' they all bellowed as they walked out of the building and into the distance. Me and James scanned the signs for the bathroom but we couldn't find it! It was terrible I was so desperate, I needed to go right away!

As James spotted the sign for the men's, I was left by myself in the middle of an empty service station dancing around like a monkey when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spotted something! Something green with brown around it was it, it was, should I, I should! I darted over to what looked like some kind of plant pot... it was!

It was! I sighed with relief1 Most people would've cried at this point but I was desperate and any old bowl would do! As I approached it I realised what kind of plant 'pot' it was, it wasn't a 'pot' at all it was a built in large concrete flower bed! On the side of the cement lied a small gold plaque which read




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