A hot day out

A newly found couple's casual car trip turns into a sexy, hot and romantic experience!


6. The Men's Room:

As I approached the men's room, the smell got stronger and stronger! I could taste it in my mouth as it put my hand on the door! I pushed open the door and it hit me! What the fuck was that smell!! It was a mixture of every bodily fluid and function at the same time! IT WAS DISGUSTING! I tip toed through the dirty bathroom at first and then realised the state I was already in and just carried on normally still missing the animal crap and piss puddles all over the floor though.

I got to a corner which had a sign pointing to the wall saying 'urinals' I headed that way assuming that that was where James would be so in my bare feet, knickers and t-shirt I walked through the minging toilets treading in about four different types of crap one of which was definitely human! 

''EEEWWW!'' I shrieked as I felt a warm squelch under my foot and at that moment a fat short biker covered in tattoos at the urinals turned in fear, with his fat dick out and sprayed me in his yellow stinking piss! head to toe! dripping with piss! I was mid sentence so a lot went in my mouth too! That was the second bodily fluid that I had had in my mouth today! I stood there for a minute trying to comprehend what had just happened to me while the short twat still showered me in his golden piss! Once he had stopped I stood with my hair stuck to my face with piss, bare foot, in my knickers, in the middle of the men's toilets! to be fair it was probably my own fault as I was in the men's, but still!

after a minute the stupid dwarf gave a sheepish smile and then darted out of the room! I didn't even get a ''sorry for soaking you in my piss'' or a ''I'm so sorry for splashing you'' he just walked off! But I was determined not to let that ruin our trip I was determined to find James! But again just like in the ticket booth, I was covered in another in wanted bodily function! So I peeled off my white, well it was more yellow, t-shirt and was left in my red sexy lingerie that James had bought me for Christmas, also I was barefoot with booth piss and shit on my feet!




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