A hot day out

A newly found couple's casual car trip turns into a sexy, hot and romantic experience!


7. The 4TH Stall!

I finally found James in one of the stalls and he explained that it took him about ten minutes to find this one stall that was in an 'average condition' and then there was no toilet paper, so both of us were left in a shitty situation really!  He didn't even ask why I was soaking in piss, had jizz in my hair, or shit in between my toes- he was more interested in my sexy body in the lingerie he got me!

His jaw dropped to the dirty ground and he tried to speak but only a few sounds really came out so we both ignored it but suddenly James picked me up placed me up against the door of a stall that was locked for some reason, and began kissing me passionately! He licked from my belly to my neck which gave me the ultimate buzz! He pinched teasingly at my piss drenched thighs which tingled my wet pussy and he massaged my tongue with his own, which, putting the third bodily fluid into my mouth, covered my tongue in a layer of warm saliva! While holding me up with one hand, he pulled his firm cock out from the flies of his jeans and gently inserted it in between the wet tight flaps in my pussy! slowly but firmly, he pumped his long hard dick in and out of me until he pumped once to hard and the door swung open, causing both me and James to fall, I fell straight onto the toilet seat, meanwhile James flew backwards onto the floor outside the stall. instantly, I got a nasty smell from underneath me so I panicked and yelled: ''what stall is this!'' ''...4'' James murmured, we both gave each other a dreaded look as I looked at what monster was staring up at me. I peered down and saw it! A huge, long, fresh, steaming, 20 inch shit was lying curled like a snake just below me, the stench was so off putting but me and James were too horny too mind!

'' before we do anything'' james said ''I need a piss, move out theway...'' ''no! ill stay right here James! Do it, piss on me!'' I whispered, to be honest I'd rather James' sexy, warm, yellow piss all over me to wash away the piss of that ugly old fat biker - so imaginatively I let him! 



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