A hot day out

A newly found couple's casual car trip turns into a sexy, hot and romantic experience!


1. On The Road:

We we're even half way through our long, tiresome road trip, when I felt that we had to stop! I'd always got travel sickness, ever since I was a kid, but I had got used to it I suppose, James on the other hand hadn't! Every 20 minutes we had to pull over in the middle of no where just so that I could get out of the car for a breather. He pretended that he didn't mind but I knew it was annoying him, we was meant to be there over 2 hours ago but we wasn't even half way there!

After I had caught my breath again and the sickness had gone from my stomach I agreed that it was time to head off again, so we both plumped ourselves back down in James' car and returned for our destination. for the first time in the whole journey I didn't feel sick, the wind was blowing through my soft hair, the music drowned out the sounds of whatever was happening outside, I felt as If I was one with the world! James however, wasn't in such a pleasant mood!

I could see his face glowing red with anger, his fists clenching the wheel tighter and tighter each second, his teeth biting harder and harder, he was tired, tired of my consistent moaning! I felt as if any minute he was going to drop me off and leave me, on the side of the road!


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