A hot day out

A newly found couple's casual car trip turns into a sexy, hot and romantic experience!


8. Getting Dirty!

''Piss on me!'' I shouted and without a moment of thought James unleashed one long wave a golden piss all over my body! He sprayed my face to my legs, my hair to my toes, I sat with my mouth open to show I was fully devoted as tidal waves of delicious urine flowed down my dry throat!

When he had finished, he approached me suddenly but I pushed him back once more. '' lets go all the way!'' I shouted as I leant my arm down behind me into the filthy toilet bowl to feel a warm soggy texture in my hand! I dared to look, I dared to do anything, but I knew James loved it dirty so this was his ultimate fantasy! I pulled up a handful of the bikers warm steaming shit and rubbed it all over my boobs and neck, I was covered! James' face lit up as he watched me smear myself in a warm brown paste. I continued to grab, more and more until all of my body was covered! there was one last long pipe of shit left so I winked at James and stuck one end in my mouth and James instantly followed by putting the other half in his mouth! Both of us twisted and thrusted our mouths as if we was giving someone's shit a blowjob! the shit fell apart in our mouths after a few seconds but we kept it in their to give our passionate and sexy French kissing more mystery and fire!

James scooped me up and placed me down on the sides where the sinks were, ''I have an eager tongue!'' he noted as he headed south and gave me the time of my life! 

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