A hot day out

A newly found couple's casual car trip turns into a sexy, hot and romantic experience!


3. Getting A Bit Frisky!

I continued to slide my hand down his leg and back up again, the red swelling look on his face disappeared as I reached for his belt. It was already loose so I just whipped it off! I untied my seatbelt and turned my whole body so it was facing his, I slowly undid his copper jean buttons and I slithered down his baggy jeans.

He sat there with his jeans around his ankles, driving the car, with a slight bulge  popping out of his trousers.

''mmm I wonder what that could be'' I whispered in his soft ears as I slid my hand down around the waistband, I slowly pulled it down revealing the grand prize and it flew out!

James' huge 12 inch cock flew out of his boxer shorts as stiff as a plank! I'd gone this far now I couldn't stop now, so I started rubbing it, up and down, there was too much friction, he wasn't enjoying it- quick! I had to fix it, what could I do? I leant forward over his lap and kissed the tip! oh my god! I'd never done anything like this before! This was crazy! but... It was kind of nice, I kind of liked it. so I opened my wide mouth ready for the huge meal I was about to have, and I slowly rubbed my lips all the way down to the base of his cock! He loved it! I loved it! This was great! But what now? I didn't know what to do so I took my head slowly back up again licking the shaft as I got to the top. I dragged my tongue over the tip then winked sexily at James.

I could tell he was starting to enjoy this so I carried on- up and down, up and down, up and down until I was out of breath, I pulled it out of my gasping mouth and it flew our jut like it did his boxers, It was covered in saliva! all of it dripping, onto the seats! Did I not do it right? I felt bad, I was making a mess, I had to clear it all up so I berried my head down at the bottom of his firm dick, and gave it one huge lick back to the top!

Hmm that tasted odd! A little salty, I think?

James grunted loudly, like a caveman- ''wait! I've got a present for you- since you've been such a good girl!'' He nodded back down at his dick, I was confused, what was he saying? and then I noticed it! A small drop of something oozing out of the top of his dick! what was it? It was kind of a milky colour, he nodded back down at it again-

''Go on. Try it! It's nice!'' What was he talking about? that stuff? well I mean what harm can it do, so I brought my face right up close to his long firm cock and grabbed the drop of liquid of the tip with my tongue

''now swallow!''- he advised, so I did, a warm feeling surged round my body! What was this new buzz sprinting around my body?

''we call that cum and there's plenty more where that came from!'' he answered cunningly!

What ever it was it was, it tasted great so I dived back in as eager as ever thrusting my head up and down around the thick girth of his hard cock! I could feel my mouth filling up, with cum, this was new but I loved it! While I continued moving up and down I tightened my mouth more and more- he seemed to be enjoying it more that way, so I carried on.

It must've been about 5 minutes when I got the ultimate outburst of flavour in my mouth, you know on this scale, it wasn't as nice, I tried to swallow it but it kept coming back up, I took one giant gulp of my water to help wash it down.

Sitting there with his long wet cock out James mentioned- ''There's a service station up ahead if your hungr... we'll you're probably full now right?!'' - he chuckled to himself while he tried too cram his thick cock back into his tight boxer shorts





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