A hot day out

A newly found couple's casual car trip turns into a sexy, hot and romantic experience!


5. A Make Do Toilet:

Oh no! what was I doing! I couldn't piss on someone's memorial! wait, well I am desperate I thought to myself! so I climbed up on top of the flower bed and I squatted down on top ​of the mud inside (got my new heels dirty so I flung them over board!) and lifted up my squirt and... argh...ah!

You could probably imagine what happened at this point so I'm not going to explain it all! I Jumped off over the side of the flower bed and lowered down my skirt again but wait a minute right in front of me was standing a small thin ugly little teenager with his phone out staring right at me!

I discretely nodded at him and he just shook his phone at me, I could only assume was that he had caught the whole thing on his camera! What if  he puts me on YouTube, I mean yeah I always wanted to be famous but not for that!

I walked up to him bare foot across the dirty stained floor-

''you didn't...'' ''yep! the whole thing on my phone! Ha Ha! YouTube here we come you're going to be famous!''

''please! Don't I'll do anything! ANYTHING!'' - I exclaimed ''Anything hey? so this would be one of those moments where a boy like me would take advantage of a venerable women like yoouu...''- He dragged.

''Look,,, I'll erm... show you y boobs! Yes!'' - I lifted up my jumper and both of my fleshy large juicy boobs bounced right out in front of his spotty little face! ''you can erm... feel them... if... if you want?''

''well how could I say no!'' he reached both sticky hands out and squeezed my bouncy boobs, he was doing it for about 3 minutes licking them, motor boating them - '' right! that's enough! Now all you have to do is delete that video yes?''

''ooh well I don't think that that's going to cover it you know? Follow me there's an empty booth over there, I've got an idea!'' - he giggles and ran off, me chasing after him until we got to an old grubby ran down old ticket booth. we both crawled inside until we was both crammed in a tight squished box with only enough room for one of us to sit down! Being the gentle men he took the seat for himself but only after pulling down his trousers...

''um! what are you doing!?'' - I shouted a him ''YOU are fulfilling you're unpaid debt to me! Now then go on... do it...'' do what?'' I sighed ''A HANDJOB!'' he busted saying as if all his Birthday had come at once!

I snatched at his pale thin cock, it was tiny compared to James' but I had to get this over with so I spat one huge bullet of saliva down from the top of his cock and used it to lighten the friction. I began with my hand rubbing up and down up and down getting faster and faster twisting my hands in different directions and gently massaging his tiny balls with my other hand. After 3 minutes straight he exhaled deeply as lots of milky liquid squirted out the top of his small dick! it went everywhere! all over my new dress and in my hair! I was furious, and he realised it! I instantly snatched the phone from out of his hand and scrolled through it to find the video, I deleted it and threw him the phone back only to realise that he was already running away!

I crawled back out from under the booth and brushed myself off, I was a mess! What if James sees me I panicked! Wait where is James? Oh perhaps he's still in the bathroom, i'll check! But first lets take this filthy dress off! I pulled the dress off over my head leaving me in just my knickers and a tight white t-shirt which covered my bra and boobs. 



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