BT's Transformation.

Titanfall 2 Fanfic.
Three Month's passed after Jack Cooper Returned to Harmony. How is he doing after losing the first and only Titan he could manage to handle and stay as a team with? Read and figure out.
(I'm new to the fandom, if errors are made, please don't hate, I'm still learning the different terms and all. Warning: Mention of PTSD, further more warnings may be attached )


1. Neural Link to ST-7689.

It’s been a little over three months, since Jack Cooper returned from Typhon. Three months, since BT sacrificed himself, so he could go after that stupid Protocol 3…. Protect the pilot.
BT had not considered, that Jack meant what he said. One of them go, both of them go together. He had not wanted BT to die… He had not wanted BT to be a goner.


Jack shifted his gaze from his ruined meal, looking at Briggs when she stood, arms crossed upon her chest, tapping food and not a very amused expression on her face either.

“You were spacing off again, Cooper. You gotta stop think about what happened at-”

“I’m fine, I really am I just….” Jack tried to save his skin a moment, trying to come up with an excuse over his sudden space out and properly also the ruined meal. Briggs sighed, rubbing her forehead a little, before he kicked the chair in front at her out, where she took a seat.

“Look… Jack… as a friend, I worry about you.” She explained, her gaze on Jack became soft, compared to before. “You hardly eat, you don’t get out your room, you can’t focus in your new Pilot Training. Even ST-7689 reported you refuse to neural link with him.”  Briggs explained, as she tried to get eye contact with Jack.

However, Jack was not looking at her, his gaze was elsewhere, everywhere but looking at Sarah Briggs. He knew if he did, she could manage to look through him. She always had a habit, that she was able to see through every lie or get out line. Properly why she’s the main general at the place.

“Jack….” He felt a hand upon his shoulder, which slumbered down, shaking just a little too. “I’ll not erase the last piece of BT from my helmet to link with another Titan…” He said to her.

“BT is gone, Jack. There’s nothing we can do to try and get him back….You have to move on, he’s a class Vanguard Titan, who did his duty and his protocols. He pro-”

“He’s not just any kind of Titan!” Jack snapped back with a little anger rising in his voice. “He didn’t just save me, he did everything to try and get that information about The Ark, he took on Anderson’s mission too! How can you just-” Jack stood from his seat, hands being on the table as he looked at Sarah Briggs. “How can you just stand around like that, claiming he only did his job?! You weren’t with him! You weren’t there when BT and Captain Lastimosa got destroyed at Typhon! You know nothing about, how BT properly felt, when Lastimosa transferred his information, training and Pilot Helmet to me…..”  For those three months, Jack truly had kept up a great barrier for not breaking down, but now, speaking and almost shoting at his commander, it broke Jack.

“BT lost his Pilot, I became his new Pilot and he swore… that he wouldn’t harm me or make me in suffering pain… he did his protocol 3… that stupid…” He said, as his breath hitched. His eyes felt watery again. Jack slammed his fist against the table, before he pushed away from his seat and walked out the cafeteria, leaving Sarah Briggs behind in a speechless state.

Jack ran his fingers through his hair, walking down the corridor down to the troops bed chambers, his chest rise and fell fast with his breathements, knowing he needed to calm down, but how could he? It was the first time he spoke about BT, he spoke about what happened at Typhon.

Jack was lost in his mind, first when he felt his body working on autopilot itself. Guiding him away in the corridors and to the bed chambers, he felt the softness of the bed below him, before he curled in close to a corner of his bed. He clenched his hand to a fist, pressing it to his chest as he closed his eyes tightly. Shakily and with small soundless sobs, he let out the emotional breakdown.

For how many hours had Jack been in the bed? He wasn’t sure himself, he just knew he had fallen asleep,  the crying had properly made his body so exhausted that it went on a emergency shutdown.

No food, no water, no training or proper health guidance the last three months, he truly was working on the last energy he was able to keep.  His sleep wasn’t easy either, each night ever since he returned from Typhon, he had the same nightmare over and over. The echoing  voice of BT saying Trust me.  It haunted him.

Trust him? He trusted BT with his life, he trusted that Titan very easily too. He was the Titan that saved him, he was the Titan that didn’t thought Jack wasn’t good enough… He was the Titan, that believed that Jack could be a good Pilot, even when he wasn’t trained or qualified enough to be one.

After the Beacon mission, BT had told Sarah Briggs that he would refuse to get a new Pilot, since Jack Cooper would be his Pilot from that moment. As Sarah then had said, it was big words that came from the Titan itself. Never before had they heard or seen, that a Titan choose the Pilot.

“If he can’t be better soon, we need to destroy the helmet and get his mind settled on something else. Properly, we should send him away. He’s not suited for the Rifleman life either more.”

The voices in the hallway near the bedroom woke Jack, he recognized one, which was Sarah Briggs. “As his Commander, I worry he’s gonna commit suicide out on the field if I send him out there, I cannot let that happened to him. But as a friend, I fear the worst. If you claim that he has PTSD, we need to have a doctor looking at him.”

Jack curled more into a ball, closing his eyes tightly again. If Sarah was gonna dismiss him as a Rifleman or a Pilot, he wouldn’t have meaning in his life either, so what was the point?

Thinking over it… perhaps he should try a new Titan? ST-7689 Vanguard Titan too, had offered to make the Neural Link with him through the helmet. But, that would mean, that he would need to erase the last bit of BT.

His heart hammered against his rib-cage, feeling the sadness building up. The last Neural Link he ever could have from BT, would be gone if he made a new Neural Link to a Vanguard Titan class.

“If he’s not gonna come around by tomorrow, I’ll send a-”

“Jack Cooper, Signing up for your Service, Ma’am.” Jack interrupted as he stood in the doorway, making a salute for Sarah Briggs. The Pilot helmet settled underneath his right arm.

“Cooper?” Sarah asked, when she glanced at him. She could easily spot the signs from him, the puffy red eyes, the tired expression on his face, almost like a hope was given up, but yet, she could see something within his eyes.


“Ready to move on, Ma’am. The next Pilot mission-” Jack tried to speak, but Sarah hold a hand up, making Jack shut his mouth. “Titan Hangar, Ten minutes, don’t be late.” She ordered, before she turned away from Jack and followed one of the members from Harmony.

“Yes Ma’am.” Jack had responded before she had fully left. He sighed a little, as he looked down at his helmet, his eyes focus on the vision glass that was made within the helmet, the Neural link that made a Titan able to see through the Pilot’s eyes too.

“Sorry Buddy….” He whispered, before he let his feet wander down the corridor, so he could get to the Titan Hangar. Perhaps it was best, that he would move on, try getting BT to the back of his mine and meet ST-7689 with an opened mind too.

Exhaling, Jack opened his eyes again, turning down the corner which leaded to the stairs. He was gonna try, what could possible go wrong?

“Cooper, over here!” Sarah Briggs waved her hand toward Jack, gesturing that he should approach her. The station where ST-7689 had been settled, released the Titan and let him get on his feet. The heavy sound of the Titan’s feet, the booming noise whenever it walked a few steps ahead.

“Pilot Cooper, ST-7689 is ready for the Neural Link, he’s been upgraded with the new weapons, data analyzing and scanning area’s, Pilots and Etc. He’ll explain it to you.” Sarah Briggs explained, she folded her arms against her chest, eyeing Jack, while he stood in front at ST-7689.  He hold the helmet tightly in his right hand, clearing his throat, as he made a nod.

“Hello Pilot Cooper, I am ST-7689. Vanguard Class Titan. We’ve met before-”

“I know, ST…” Jack said with a muttering voice, while glancing up at the tall Vanguard Titan. He felt his heart beat going a little fast, even though it wasn’t for the excitement. In a few minutes, the last of BT’s Data and memories in the Neural Link would be gone. He would lose his friend for good…

“On with the Helmet, Cooper, get in this cockpit and link yourself to him.” Sarah Briggs ordered. Seeing that Jack took a deep breath, she watched him, as she moved forward, while ST-7689 bend down, opening up the cockpit at his front.

Jack moved the helmet up from his side, holding it between his hands, as he looked at the front of it. It was old, having a few scratches here and there, bullets scratest and all. Even a few scratches, for when BT manage to save Jack’s sorry ass.

Jack closed his eyes, feeling the last bit of his emotion toward the first Titan slipping a bit away. He had to forget him… he had to let BT go.

He turned the helmet around his hands, raising it up and put it on top of his head, settling The helmet down properly. Jack took a deep breath, before he reached his hand out, getting a grip on the handle to the cockpit of ST-7689.

Jack lifted his body into the cockpit, settling in the seat and tried to relax, but he still felt so uneasy, this wasn’t fitting him, this… wasn’t his home. It was new, strange, not likeable. He knew he would hate it. But what else could he do?  BT Was gone… he wouldn’t come back, he wouldn’t hear BT’s voice, analyzing and taking care of his health.

He was...gone…





Jack closed his eyes tightly under the helmet, he was glad they couldn’t see his eyes, because they were watering again. ST-7689 closed the cockpit, standing on his metallic legs again.

“Neural Link Processes.” ST-7689 spoke with a soften tone of voice.

Jack rested his head back against the Titan, feeling his skin getting wet underneath the helmet.

“Protocol One: Initialize Neural Link.” ST-7689 spoke again.

Jack felt a tingling feeling racing up his spine, as ice filled his head. He hold back a small sob, as he tighten his hands on the armsrests within the Titan. The static crackling in his ears for a moment.

“ARHG!” Jack held his hands to his helmet, taking it off fast, before he covered his ears. The cockpit opened up, Sarah Briggs was hanging there, looking at Jack “What happened?”  She asked, as she saw Jack hold his hands to his ears.

“S-Something happened, that I’ve not felt before…” Jack informed her, as she moved from the seat. “Get me out…” he begged slightly, seeing Sarah moved aside and let Jack jump down from the Titan. The helmet did Sarah Briggs take, she looked at it a few minutes, before she noticed the blue light in the helmet flickered.

“Jack Cooper…” She said, before she jumped down, holding the helmet, so Jack could see the front.

It switched the flicking blue light over, which made Jack frown. It wasn’t Regular blue lights the Helmet signed to him.



Jack wasn’t sure, he moved closer to the helmet, which Sarah Briggs still hold between her hands. The blue light made the same thing over and over.

“Y-You see the same thing, that I see, right?” Jack asked Sarah, when he looked up to her. She made a nod in confirm. “I’ll take your helmet to the lab, before I’ll give you further reports about it.” She said, as she held the helmet underneath her arm and walked off.

“Are you alright, Cooper?”

Jack turned slightly, seeing ST-7689 kneeling down behind him and looked at him with his optic eye. It wasn’t the same shade of blue, like BT’s, It was a emerald green light the optic eye had.

“I’m… fine…” Jack lied, he tried to give a smile, even when it was a fake one. He wasn’t sure if Titan’s like ST-7689 could scan and see it was fake.

“As long your well being is fine, I’ll not worry to much.” ST-7689 explained, before he got on his feet again. “Ya need a new helmet, Jackie?”

Jack turned to his left, looking at one of the workers in the hangar. “I don’t think I need a new one, I just-”

“ You’ll need a new one, if ya Neural Link needs to be with ST-7689.” He explained, as he wrapped his fingers through the clothing, so oil and etc things would get off his skin.

“I’ll wait for now…” Jack replied instead, as he walked away from the two, knowing and hearing that ST-7689 was following along him.

Could that Titan not just go away?

Jack closed his eyes, letting his hand rest on the railing to the stairs, which lead up to the base again. “ ST-7689….” He said, as he turned around, looking up at the Titan. “You should charge here, don’t follow me around because… mostly you can’t find in the corridors…” Jack tried to be nice, even though it was true as well. Most Titan’s wouldn’t fit in the human base, since it was build for, well humans.

“Are you sure, that you are alright, Jack Cooper?” ST-7689 asked him again.

“Why do you keep-”

“A lot of Titan’s don’t attach themselves to you humans, you are fragile, easy to manage to kill. Your bodies are unsteady, can’t be repaired once injured enough. We do our missions, when we’ve obtained one, we just follow the orders…” ST-7689 explained to Jack, before he crunched down in front at Jack.

“What are you….trying to say?” Jack asked curiously, turning just so he stood with his front to ST-7689 as well. His eyes glanced up at the giant machine, the optic zoomed, so it looked at Jack, if not closer to his face.

“Titans and Humans should only obtain the same thing. Get the mission, complete or fail the mission, nothing between it, nothing around it. “ ST-7689 explained. “You, Jack Cooper, Grief over a machine, in which only are meant for missions. How come it be, human like you will grief over a machine, that can be rebuild?”

Jack wasn’t sure if it was anger, sadness or pure rage that was boiling within his mind and veins. His hand on the railing clenched hard around it. “ST-7689….. If I were you, I wouldn’t push my luck that much…. I might just be a human, but one order and you can be destroyed too….”

With no further words, Jack spun around and walked inside the base. Storming off so to say, since he was beyond pissed now. BT wasn’t just a simple Machine, BT wasn’t just doing their missions… He cared for the pilots he had, he cared for everyone in the Mallista. He wanted to protect Harmony….

“Stupid Titan….” He hissed under his breath.  

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