13 Reasons to Stay

Hey, its Hannah... and this is the story of my life, well, how I couldn't even end it...

When Hannah Baker attempts to take her own life, she survives. Her tapes have still been recorded and in the hands of someone else and worst of all, eyes are all on her, judging...

~This is based on the TV series, enjoy!


1. Hospital thoughts

Bright lights, clean walls and bleeping in the distance, or am I just seeing white? Is that just my ears adjusting to the silent world of the dead. I wiggled my left pinky finger, I can still... feel. How is this possible? Maybe the afterlife is just really realistic, like you don't even know the difference.
“Hannah!” a voice almost screamed, accompanied by the pincer like hold on my hand I moved. Slowly moving my neck up, the sounds of waves triggered in my mind. There she was, mascara washed down her cheeks, her hair tied back to disguise how dirty it really was, and tears cupping her eyelids. Mom..


She noticed I was trying to move, and quickly pounced to move the pillow underneath my head and held my arm as I pushed myself up. She was so gentle, touching my skin as if it was bubble-wrap, just a slip and I'll burst. She placed the pillow in the lower grove of my back, keeping me up, fragile. It was then I glanced down to my arm, suddenly stinging, I wanted to scream, the cuts are so fresh. I feel so weak, I can't bare to move a muscle, it hurts to blink. I could feel something in my skin now, a needle, a tube of deep crimson bleeding into my arm, literally, blood. I looked at it for a moment, unsure how to feel, I went with the intention I wouldn't have to live if I did this, I'd be dead. Mom is still staring at me, I don't know if I should say anything, kill me or I should be dead seem disturbingly appropriate. I cracked my lips open, dehydrated and shaking,
“Hannah...” Mom interrupted, she cupped my left hand between hers, stroking my fingers with her thumb. I've never seen her smile like this before, it almost eerie, ghostly.
“Please don't say anything, you need to get your strength back. Rest honey,” she finished, then leant forward, placing a kiss on my forehead. She swiftly stood, turned and walked through the door and rushed down the corridor, crying.


I lied my head back against the wall, letting my thoughts grow heavy in my head, flicking side to side. What am I going to do? Maybe I could try again... But no that wouldn't work, Mom and Dad will have eyes on me like hawks, I won't be able to leave their sights for months. For good reason. Tears gathered upon my lashes, not even the energy to wipe them away, no reason to move, no reason to feel. I don't care, I'll figure it out, eventually, I guess I have the rest of my life to end it if needs be. 

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