life of a wild horse

im giest im the dauther of spirit and rain wild horses im the cimarron heard i love it but it's not easy trying to survive in the wild well this is my life.....

this story has the pov(point of view) of all the horses or humans in the story


9. .

i woke up on the cliff the others were awake i got up ''morning'' falling said ''morning '' i said and yarned ''were did jake go '' i said looking around ''rigth here mommy '' i looked down jake was under me ''how did you get here so fast '' i said as he got out ''im fast like the wind just like spirit '' i laughed abit i walked down the cliff and went into a mini cave ''this will be a nice place for us too sleep at nigth '' i said to falling ''a cozy place '' i walked in it was hot inside ''watch the heard incase of strangers and danger me and jake will get some stuff to make this nice '' i said walking out with jake ''ok '' falling said going up to the cliff ''let's get some leafs jake '' we walked into the mini forestn and fund a wagon i figured out how to drag in we filled it up with leafs and we brang it to the cave i placed all the leafs on the floor ''mommy can i go play '' jake said ''go on jaky'' he ran off to the other horses i got loads more leafs i placed it so the cloor is coverd with a few layers on the ground i layed down and rested i woke up hearing caos i jumped up to see faling battleling a stranger stallion i jumped up and ran to them it was racer ''racer stop '' i said as he stopped ''why are you here racer'' i said making sure jake was safe ''mommy im scared '' jake said walking under falling he was shaking '' it's ok jake go with daddy ill be fine'' falling brang him a te heard to a safe place when it came to protecting jake he did anything ''he stole you from me'' racer said ears down ''he never did i never loved you your selfish your nothing like falling snow'' i said i put my ears down i hit my hoof on the ground '' plus you guys have a foal he-'' i cut him off and attacked him i was losing i fell on the floor and everything went black i heard galloping come up to me i heard spirit's rear followed my falling's one i opend my eyes to see spirit and falling attacking racer ''my sister!'' i heard storm run up the sound was followed by a gate break i got up and saw racer run away falling was chasing him he came back when racer was far away enough ''you ok'' i heard falling say i got up ''thanks for saving me boys '' i hugged them and jake ran up to us ''wow mommy i wanna learn how to do that '' i laughed ''you gotta wait until your older bud'' spirit said hugging him i loved the fact everyone loved jake everyone left back to the heard we fixed the fence up with the help of indians falling went to the cave with jake i  walked up to the cliff and watched over the heard i was proud of myself i made it this far with a loving family

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