life of a wild horse

im giest im the dauther of spirit and rain wild horses im the cimarron heard i love it but it's not easy trying to survive in the wild well this is my life.....

this story has the pov(point of view) of all the horses or humans in the story


8. .

---jake's pov--- 

i woke up early i wanted to go explore i looked by my side mommy was there and a big white horse was next to me he was my daddy i heard something about a new place where i could run around and be happy ''morning fella'' my mommy said ''morning mommy '' i said hugging her i got up and jumped on daddy ''daddy wake up'' i said jumping he lifted his head and i got off ''morning daddy'' i said hugging him ''morning jake '' he said smiling mommy and daddy got up ''falling can you go get the heard '' mommy said ''ok'' daddy ran off ''come on jake'' mommy said walking away i followed her half way there daddy and the heard joined us i saw a big stallion ''jake this is grandpa spirit but call him spirit '' spirit smiled i only saw him this happy when i opend my eyes ''and this is grandma rain but call her rain'' rain smiled i knew they were gonna awsome ''dad im gonna start my own heard you guys can't leave homeland you belong there '' we do belong there '' storm said walking up to us ''oh and jake this is uncle storm call him storm '' he smiled ''ill miss you dad ,mom and storm '' she hugged them i hugged them after 

---geist's pov ---- 

me and jake followed falling to out new home we got there it was huge it was an awsome place the hole territory was fenced off ''it was were i grew up it used to be my pen before i moved with the indians into a small pen '' falling said closing the gate behind off '' i love it'' jake said jumping ''me too '' i said and hugged falling jake ran off and played around falling chased after him i walked around and saw a cliff like in the homelands i climbed on it and watched over the place i watched falling and jake play i say falling is not very mature he's just like a foal and he's never gonna act like an adult that's why i loved him more that racer i looked around and saw a heard coming foward i jumped the fence i saw it was the horse who hurt storm he saw me and din't even bother figthing me he looked even weeker than before ''can you take the heard i can't take care of one anymore'' the heard looked at me ''yeah can you please we even got foals and are territory has been stolen '' a mare said ''ok but im leader with my foal and mate '' i said ears back ''ok'' they all said the old leader walked off i think he trusted me cuz i dominated him i jumped the fence the heard after me i ran up the cliff and joined falling and jake the rest of the horses ran next to us  down the hill i hugged falling as we watched over the heard jake was amazed '' can i go play with the other foals mommy'' jake said looking up ''go on '' i said he ran off and jumped on the other foals they played happily i loved seeing jake getting friends

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