life of a wild horse

im giest im the dauther of spirit and rain wild horses im the cimarron heard i love it but it's not easy trying to survive in the wild well this is my life.....

this story has the pov(point of view) of all the horses or humans in the story


3. .

me and storm went are seprate ways i wonderd to a little indian village then i left i saw a white shadow walk infront me he saw me and came to me ''hey wild horse im falling snow but call me falling '' he said kindly ''im giest its spirit in greek'' i said kindly ''nice name its better than mine a kid named me '' falling said ''thanks so your tamed '' i said curious ''yep and your wild '' he said looking into my eyes i think i loved him 


----falling snow's pov----

as i looked into her eyes i wanted her to be mine ''want to see the village '' i said ''of course'' giest said i walked over to the village i saw racer my enemi ''hey in racer '' he said to giest ''im giest'' she simply said  i nudged her and she followed me 


----racer's pov----

what was falling snow doing with giest i want her but he wants her too ugh i never knew why every mare liked falling and not me maybe cuz he's kinder more gentle my god he's everything im not 


---giest's pov-----

racer was a nice guy but i think he loved me too but i din't tho ''giest'' i heard storm call me ''he ran over to me and took me by my main ''what's up storm'' i said '' a horse attacked the heard and there too much plus he's way bigger than alll of us even dad can't get him he aleready attacked dad and mom  we gotta save them '' he said i knew it was real he never lied ''falling i gotta go '' i said ''im coming '' falling said we ran off into the direction of the heard 

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