life of a wild horse

im giest im the dauther of spirit and rain wild horses im the cimarron heard i love it but it's not easy trying to survive in the wild well this is my life.....

this story has the pov(point of view) of all the horses or humans in the story


2. .

i was finaly an adult me and storm woke up early to play i saw my dad walk up to us '' i think it's time we go dad '' storm said ''i know'' dad said rain came too us '' were gonna miss you '' we all hugged i never saw my dad like this usaly he was fearless and he was never sad ''it's ok dad we'll visit '' i said hugging him


---storm's pov ----

 it was hard seeing my dad sad he was never sad well i never saw him sad ''we'll be careful i promise dad '' i hugged him 

---rain's pov ----

i hated seeing my kids go away but they were'nt foals anymore they were adults my little mare and mt little stallion were leaving today i hugged them i was crying ''it's ok mom '' giest said hugging me 

----spirit's pov---- 

i was never like this i din't want my kids to leave me i loved them but it was time we hugged and they started walking of ''be careful'' i said as they walked off ''we will dad'' storm said i walked back to the heard they left i knew it was gonna come but it felt like if they were just born 



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