life of a wild horse

im giest im the dauther of spirit and rain wild horses im the cimarron heard i love it but it's not easy trying to survive in the wild well this is my life.....

this story has the pov(point of view) of all the horses or humans in the story


1. .

i opend my eyes i was lying next to rain my mom it makes a week i was born ''mommy where did daddy and storm go'' they went to go find the heard '' i layed my head back down ''will i ever be able to be the leader of the heard'' i said closing my eyes i was still tierd ''of course giest when your older '' i was going to go back to sleep when i heard galloping ''daddy and storm are here'' i jumped up and ran to spirit my dad ''daddy i missed you '' i said hugging him ''me to'' he said '' oh and race ya '' we ran he let me win he was the best


---spirits pov---- 

i raced giest to rain i hugged her ''daddy i can't wait to be just like you '' giest said i smiled ''your gonna be the best at leading '' rain laughed we layed down in a pile and slept it was late

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