Best Friend

Have you ever fell in love with your best friend?


1. Don't Let Go





I take a sip from my beer and sigh. The people around me are dancing crazily. They are cheering and whooping. The smell of marijuana fills my nose and I gag. 

"I want to go" says the soft sweet voice of Amber, my childhood friend

She fiddles with her sandy brown hair. I hadn't realized how beautiful she has gotten. her lips are beautiful and plump. Her blue eyes with gold specks are dim and frightened. I smile and nod and respect her decision. I take her her home. When she gets home she rushes to the restroom and hurls. I follow her and hold back her hair.

Even now she looks beautiful. For a minute I forget I am 18 and she is 16. When she is done, I pull her closer to my chest an

d her strawberry perfume hits my nose. I try to play it cool and yawn and so does she. Her head buries in my chest.

"Don't let go" she whispers

That night we fell asleep in the restroom

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