Hurtful Love

Ever since I saw him I knew I would never let go of him. I knew that I will get hurt emotionally, and I still took the risk. Now I can't let go.


3. The secret

On the third day of school at lunch me and two of my friends sit at the end of our table and start talking. I than see him sit down on the other side of the table a few seats away from me and my friends. I tell my friends Taylor and Kaydyn that I like him. Then I told Taylor to tell Devereux (my crush) that I like him, but before she could say something it was time for us to leave. During third period I tell one of his friends to tell him that I like him. After he finds out he starts writing something. He hand it to one of his friends than his friend hands it to me. I open the note and it said, "I really really like you" with a heart at the end. I look up and see him smiling and staring at me. After third period I couldn't stop smiling. That same night I go on my phone, and go to musically. I find one of my friend's account. When I was looking through her musicallys, I clicked on someone's account that commented on one of her musicallys. When I pressed it I saw that it was him. I followed him and a few minutes later I get a text from him that says, "Do u rly like me?" I replied and said, "yes." He asks me how much I like him and I say 99.9%. He puts a laughing emoji and says ok. I ask him the same question and he says 100%. We talk for a while until my mom asks me if I want to watch a movie. I tell that I got to go and that I will talk to him later. He replies and said that he would be asleep by than. Than he says, "That we have to keep this a secret," and I ask him, "what?" He says, "we have to keep us a secret." I ask him why and he said because he was dating another girl, but is going to break up with her the next day. I say ok and goodnight with a kiss emoji. He replies back and says goodnight and sends a heart and kissing emoji.

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