Hurtful Love

Ever since I saw him I knew I would never let go of him. I knew that I will get hurt emotionally, and I still took the risk. Now I can't let go.


2. First day of middle school

It's the first day of sixth grade I'm finally a middle schooler. I walk into the class when I turned left I saw him, the guy I liked since fourth grade. Suddenly a teacher walks up and says to me,"Hello, you must be Anasia nice to meet you I'm Ms. Graves I will be your home room and ELA teacher for the rest of the year. Please go sit down at the desk that has your name on it and you can start doing the word search that is on your desk." I looked for my name until I stop at a seat. When I looked across the room I realized he sat on the other side of the room right across from me. After homeroom  we all went to our 1st period. I had career and he had gym. After 1st period I found out that we had the same schedule. "Great" I said in my head. When our last period came I was assigned a seat right behind him. That was the most awkward period of the day. After our last period ended we had to wait for the said buses to come, so I was stuck with him and few other guys. We started talking and than at one point he told two of the guys something. I really didn't know what it was, but I was thinking he told them that he liked me. I laughed inside and thought to myself, "He would never like me."

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