Daily Life.


2. I hate people.

I hate they fact that someone can literally sit there and take, take, take, and put the blame on everyone else, but as soon as something is there fault they get all pissy, and defensive, or if they have something they don't know how to share. It's just so messed up how someone can sit there, and take everything, and anything, but yet they are so full of themselves, that they don't know how to share something so simply, whether it's food, or money, or just a simply conversation. It just doesn't make any sense to me at all. Like you need to learn to give back, and not just take. You literally sit there and ask someone everyday for money, food, and everything under the sun but yet you give nothing, absolutely nothing, someone will ask you for like one chip or something, and you act like the whole damn world is ending, like bitch no you need to get your own life together, and learn so damn manners. I'm tired of this shit, and this was the last straw..

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