The Cross Offers

this is about a 13-year-old boy. That boy is me, and this story is about me.


6. we have a problem

"I have a question Alayna, do you know who that girl was?" I say questioning her. "ya, I am pretty sure her name was evie." Alayna says flopping onto the couch, I go and sit down on the coach wall foxy and sonic go by food. "so do you know what she wants with shadow?" I say "I have know idea. all I know is that you look like her old husband, and she wants to kill you." Alayna says as foxy and sonic comes in the room. "we have food!" they yell. so we set up the tables and eat. "so sonic we may hive a problem." I say wall eating pizza. "like what kind of problem?" sonic says look at me qunfuzzed. "well the girl Alayna was talking about wants to kill me." I say getting up to pert my dishes in the dish washer. "holly S*%&! why?" foxy says getting up to do the same thing. "well she had a husband and i look like her." "so why don't we kill here?" sonic says wack offer to us. "that is not what i whant to do." I say look at the amulet that a pold out of my pocket. "you know you cold make a sonic rain boom just to see what happens. maby you don't die." sonic says waking offer and porting his hand on me. "ya maby he is rong maby." i say "then lets go out side!" sonic says in delight. "ok i am ready." i say nerves for what might happen or see. I start ruining in a circle, then a rainbow portal a peered. i run up the wind and dive down tord the portal, then there was a big boom then i was in a rainbow portal.


what until the next book

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