The Cross Offers

this is about a 13-year-old boy. That boy is me, and this story is about me.


4. time to spy (brogan's perspectiv)

"hi, I am Alayna Farrow you can call me Alayna." Alayna sad. "she was my old school friend." foxy says. "we cold yous your help, Alayna." sonic says happily bouncing up and down. "Do you want to join us to capture shadow the hedgehog?" I ask her with a puzzled face. "yes I wired like to help any way I can." Alayna says shyly so I can barely hear her. "that's grat! let's get back to the house to start planning our plan to catch him." sonic says running back to the house, with me, foxy, and Alayna right behind him. we get to the house and go to the living room to plan our plan to catch shadow the hedgehog. "so what do we do first." sonic says flopping onto the couch. "we should spy on him first to find out his plan." says foxy sitting down on the charge. "but who will go into his hideout?" I say looking at Alayna. "what! me no" she says waving her hands in front of her. "but you are perfect!" sonic says happily. "ya! and we can be there if you need help." foxy says pointing at her. "now let's go!" I yell, as we running out of the house. we get there, it is a giant 10 story tall mansion. "OK, how are we going to get in?" I say wondering if we should have planned further. "what! Alayna, you are perfect, you are so glum he will like you." foxy says happily. "fine I will go." Alayna says glumly walking to the door. she knocks on the door, then they open and she goes in. It seems like hours, but then she comes out. she walks over to us. "I will tell you all his plans as we walk home." Alayna says as we walk home. "so this is what happened."

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