The Cross Offers

this is about a 13-year-old boy. That boy is me, and this story is about me.


5. time to spy (Alayna's prespectiv)

wen I walk in I saw big columns on either side of me, then the doors close behind me. then I saw a girl at the top of the stairs. "shadow get over her!" the red hared, pink dressed girl yells. shadow shows up on the stars. "yes my princess, what do you want me to do." shadow said bowing to her. "who is she." the princess says pointing to me. "o! she is an old friend, follow me Alayna" shadow says waving to me to come. I go up the stairs and follow him down a hallway. "why did you come here Alayna?" shadow says without turning around. "I just want to know why you are her," I say nervous as *#$%. "you really want to know why I am here." "yes, I do." "ok fine, I am not just here for sonic. I am also her for foxy and brogan. you know why because the will kill us all, how i know that is I have seen the further." shadow says look at me. "how did you do that?" I say confused. "I ran as fast as I could in a serqall, then wen a portal appeared I jumped through and made a sonic rain-boom." shadow says. "what can interop. what is a sonic rainboom?" brogan says with a confused look on his face. "It's when you go faster than light." sonic says with a confident look. "ok move on." brogan says happy with his answer. "what did you see," I say walking over to him and touch him to see if he still was fluffy. "I saw brogan making a sonic rain boom and getting sucked in and die. now go home, Alayna." "ok, I will go," I say walking out the door to where we are now, at home. "so what I make a sonic rain boom and DIE!" brogan says yelling and waving his hands. I was going to answer but then sonic piped in, "yes that is what she said," said sonic with a smile. "ok let's start planning then." brogan says walking into the house.




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