The Cross Offers

this is about a 13-year-old boy. That boy is me, and this story is about me.


2. the accident

11 years ago a boy saw his parents die. That boy was me, brogan staab, and this is my story. "ha brogan you will be late for school." foxy standing in the doorway with a smirk on his face. "what wat?" I grab my stuff and run out the door and out the house. 8 hours later, walking home frum school when a thing hit my head. "aw! that hurt. what was that anyway?" I pick up what looks to be an amulet the shape of an alicorn. "What in the world is this? No what better question, what out of this world is this." I run home. "foxy! foxy!" "what brogan" foxy yelling as he runs down the stairs. "I found this." showing foxy the amulet. "I have no idea what this is." foxy says shrugging. "ha there is some righting on it. for the glory of celesta, daytime is mine to command. what in the world?" then like magic golden armor apers on me. "what in the world?" foxy says puzzled. then is disappears "what? this makes no sens?" I say confused also. then there is a loud boom from outside. "what was that" we say together. we run outside in a hurry then we saw something you would never believe!


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