The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


1. The man on the bus

She had eyes like daggers, piercing through the back of civilian’s heads, dancing around with the objective to kill in a single glance. It was lonely in the corner of the bus, but she didn’t give it a single thought as her head vibrated against the window, buzzing along to the low hummer of voices in her head. She was heavily neglecting her sanity and everyone could tell.

With one look at this young woman, you would see she was dangerously crazy. It was hard to look for too long- she was rough and broken. Her skin, pale as snow, glowed hesitantly under the harsh lighting of the bus and reflected the few spots she had tried to cover up with makeup, but instead, making them look worse. Her lips were small and cracked into a sinister smirk, causing upset from the mothers who clutched onto their children’s hand as if she would swoop in and harm their offspring. Eyes, with the unreliable tendency to switch colours from light to dark within a heartbeat on a dark, ringed area that look papery and delicate. She had well defined cheekbones, which added to her mysterious appearance and a long, thin nose which curved quickly down. Her look would simply be described as oddly attractive.

She also wore her maroon coloured tank top, which exposed her perfectly large breasts and black, high wasted jeans that show cased her long, slender legs. Her outfit got her many free items and a lot of attention when she needed it.

Alone, she sat, clutching onto her torn rucksack, ear phones in without any music playing. She didn’t need extra voices in her head.

Slowly, the bus choked and spluttered as it came to a halt.

A man climbed aboard the bus with a quick glance at the seat choices. He ordered his ticket, and with a brief grin, walked up the bus, all the way towards the end. His footsteps echoed around the vehicle as his eyes scanned the rows of free seats.

Opposite the young woman, he huffed into the small seat, dumping his bag on the one next to him. He thought that people would think he was with the woman and therefore no one would notice him.

The bus began moving again, ignoring the pitter-patter of the rain as the sky roared out its thunder.

Again, the man glanced around the bus, smirking as if he had won the lottery before resting eyes on the girl who had her eyes fixated onto the screaming thunder. Faintly, he saw her shiver.

“Great English weather, ay?” He grinned, scanning her expression with unimaginable detail. Hesitantly, she glanced up to him as she mirrored his examination, curious.

Voice alone, was deep and almost threatening. His black eyes were tinted with stained anger, obviously holding a lot of secrets and lips plump, curving slightly upwards. Toned, and well built, his posture was powerful and broad, clearly highlighting his significance. The girl knew he was in his mid-twenties yet his build suggested he was a fighter, maybe being a little older. Undoubtly, he was good looking and dangerous.

“Yes.” She said, emotionless. Her eyes slowly left his, peering back out to the sky which flashed a blinding white.

The man clenched his jaw with surprise. Did this woman not recognise him?

“What is your name?” He tried conversation again, forcing his mind to relax and focus on something else for once.

“Scar.” Her eyes never wavered from the sky.

He sat back into his chair, pondering on her unusual name. Never had he met someone with that name before.

“As in Scarlett?” He squinted, feeling some sort of pull to get a conversation from this woman. He was not used to people ignoring him.

“No. As in Scar.” She frowned, eyes slowly flickering back over to his. Her head was cocked to the side a little, lips parted with curiousness and a faint sparkle of something in her eye. Grinning, he laughed to a joke only he heard.

Her eyes roamed down to his coat and she took a deep breath as she saw a bulge in his top right jacket. Easily a gun, she thought.

“Well it is nice to meet you, Scar.” He held out his hand, not hesitating on her name. She liked this.

“And you. Erm?”


“Alessio.” She repeated, his name oozing off her tongue like a melody. Again, her eyes flickered to his jacket and he followed her gaze.

“We are not going to have trouble over this, are we?” His voice dropped a little catching on. She finally made a stronger form of eye connection as she shrugged, a little smirk playing on her lips,

“Course not.”

She now tugged onto her earphones, pulling them out of her ears and placing it in her rucksack. Secretly she pulled her gun out of her bag and then sat on it discreetly, all the while staring at Alessio.

“You on the run from someone?” She smiled flirtatiously, tucking her hair behind her ear. His eyes narrowed on her, trying to figure out her game,

“What is it to you?”

“I am.” She said confidently, slowly growing more and more interested in his story. She may need a few friends if she was going to escape her past.

Cautiously, Alessio observed the young woman, enjoying the fact her eyes now lit up with a sparkle he couldn’t name. She didn’t look as dead now.

“Where are you going?” He asked, flexing his muscles and stretching out on the seat. She remained still, eyes roaming over his hungrily, figuring out his true meaning. However, she couldn’t detect any obvious threat aimed towards her.

“Anywhere from here.” She whispered with a wink. Alessio chuckled, taking an instant liking to this woman as the bus came to another halt.

“So what are you doing on a bus at five o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon?” She grinned, feeling the bus rumble back to life from underneath her.

“My car broke down.” He effortlessly lied, waving her off as if she wouldn’t understand. Instantly, she picked up his false statement.

“And you need a gun?”

“You don’t need to know my reasons.” He growled darkly, eyes capturing hers with a threatening glare. With a smile, she returned his oppressive gaze.

“Of course I don’t. However,” She twirled her fingers in the air, dancing along to the music in head as the bus slowed again.

“If, let’s say, you were in danger and I was the only one who knew when you were going to be hurt. Would you tell me?”

“Are you threatening me?” His fists clenched and she chuckled darkly.

“No.” Her head tilt to the side as she caught onto another man boarding the bus. She felt her eyes glaze over with amusement at the sight of him. There was unease in the air and as usual, she felt it before something happened.

“Okay, can I tell you a secret?” She whispered, biting her lower lip with a sadistic smile. He leant forward, moving out of view from the man who was digging change out from his pocket.

“I know you are either waiting for someone or hiding.”

He sat back, a smile now a frown as he reached for his gun.

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She chirped, eyeing the man who had just received his ticket from the bus driver.

“And why not?” He darkly demanded, veins popping out of his skin with obvious, unrestricted fury. Clearly, he did not like being wound up. Too bad that was Scar’s favourite thing to do.

“Because I won’t be able to save your life.” She smiled at him before pulling her gun out quickly and shooting. She pressed the trigger twice, murdering the passenger who just got on, instantly. Alessio jumped up, ready to attack her and then realised the gun was aimed at someone else.

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