The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


16. Swimming

The day after, my body felt alive.
My body didnt stop screaming with excitement as I forced myself to remain calm in front of Victoria and Lily.
Carefully, I introduced the jacussi to my children, which was next to the pool. Since livng with Ronnie, my children are far behind with their knowledge of the world. Hot and bubbly, the water splashed at their small naked bodies as they squealed in delight.
"Mummy! It is making a noise!" Lily exclaimed, scooping up the water within her little hands and throwing it at her sister, who screamed and retaliated. The water was popping delicately against our skin and, by the looks of it, my girls loved it!

Bubbles flew all over the place, the warm soapy water just barely passing me as it flew and smacked the wall behind me.
"What!" I gasp, jumping out the way as I spin around to See Alessio with a hand full of bubbles. His grin was infectious as he chucked more at me, it landing on my shoulder.
"Mummy! You got hit with w-wwater!" Giggled Victoria, her head falling back as she and Lily let out a genuine laugh. When was the last time these beautiful souls laughed so childishly?
"Oh!" Alessio grunted as a wave of bubbles flew over his head, soaking his black suit. I burst out laughing at his expression, slipping slightly on the wet floor.
"Come here, you!" Growled Alessio mischeviously, reaching for me but I quickly jumped out of the jacussi and dived into the swimming pool.
"Come and get me then!" I smirk, swimming backwards. Lily and Victoria, who had swimming floats around their waists and arms, had never been swimming before so they stood at the pool side nervously. They were visibally shaking with excitement but too scared to test the colder and deeper water.
"Oh I will." Smirked Alessio as he began unbuttoning his suit jacket, tossing it carelessly to the side.
"Mummy I will save you!" Lily exclaimed playfully as she jumped into the water. I lurched forward, now mindful that she cant swim but Alessio got there before me. He had one arm out for Lily and the other victoria as they bobbed, afloat with their inflatable bands, whilst clutching onto his muscular arms. I held my breath with desire as his naked torso caught me by surprise.
Anyone with eyes would be weak in the knees.
"Mummy! Look we are swimming!" Lily yelled with joy, kicking her legs quickly. I squinted as Victoria kicked water over Alessio's head. He laughed it off and carried on advancing towards me with a winning grin.
It was shallower where I was so Alessio let go of the girls and they comfortably floated away.
"Now, where were we?" Alessio smirked cheekily as he pulled me closer. I couldn't escape quick enough as he wrapped his arms around my back.
"I like your bikini." He teased, a light touch flickering up my hip and running just below the beginning of my bra. I was wearing a red, heart necked top and a thong, laced bottom. It was the one I found in the closet so I wore it, sounds dodgy, right?
"But I would still prefer you not wearing anything." He chuckled deeply, lips pecking my jaw as my breathing became heavy. How exactly do you breathe again?
"Alessio." I sigh out, smiling as my eyes fluttered shut. His lips hungrily trailed back up to my lips as he stole my breath away, literally. His warm, plump lips pressed against to mine and I felt like I was being poisoned, reality sifting away. My main focus was Alessio.

Suddenly, the moment vanished as a wave of water splashed over my head. My eyes widened as I pull back to see both my girls and Alessio grinning. They splashed me!
As a mixmatched family, we messed around in the pool splashing each other for hours until Felix walked in.
His smirk grew as he laid eyes on an unexpecting Alessio who was laughing and playing with the girls, who were hanging off of his arms, screaming. The sight was a delight in itself.
Felix looked at me with sad and proud eyes at the same time as he mouthed a "thank you" towards me. I frowned, trying to figure out what he meant before I hear Alessio gasp from behind us, spotting the intruder.
"Felix!" He exclaimed, still holding onto the girls but not smiling anymore. Why did he shut off so quickly infront of other people?
"Sir, we have an issue." Felix sighed sadly as he noticed Alessio's mood change.
"How serious?"
"Code red."
My eyes tossed between Alessio and Felix, tension rising quickly.
"Girls come here please." I instruct to my daughters who reluctantly look over to me. Lily's bottom lip starts shaking as she clung onto Alessio tightly and shook her head. I don't blame her, this is the most fun she has had in her entire life.
"J-just five more mmminutes please, Mummy?" Victoria agreed, her little hands also still clutching onto Alessio who had a pained expression on his face.
"No. Come here now." I demand, voice breaking slightly. I didn't want to be the bad guy but I was being selfish and keeping Alessio away from more important things,
"Now, Lily!"
Victoria began bobbing towards me, tears brimming in her eyes. I never raise my voice to my children, I refuse to become Ronnie. Lily, however still clung to Alessio as she stared at him with big eyes. He smiled weakly down at her as she kissed his cheek fearfully,

"I wuv you Awessio. P-please come back for us!"
Her little arms wrapped around his arms and he returned the hug, his big hands rubbing her hair. He kisses her head gently before she pushes off of him, swimming back over to me.
"Stay safe kiddos." Felix smiles widely, his eyes lingering upon my family before he followed behind Alessio out the door.
"Mummy? Why doesn't Awessio want to play with us?" Lily pouts, still in ear shot of the boys. I see Alessio tense up and hesitates on turning around before felix gently pushes him out the door.
"Alessio is a very busy man-" I began but Victoria cut me off,
"Just like daddy."
My heart fluttered with sickness.
"Yes. Just like daddy..."

I dressed them both in matching dresses, gorgeous white and poofy dresses with little pink flowers on them. Then I plated both their hairs, but leaving some hair down and curly.
"Right girls, you can play for ten minutes and then you need to go to afternoon school, okay?" I made a deal, smoothering out my black, pencil skirt.
"Okay, Mummy." Lily nodded as they both rushed away to play with their chosen toys.
I watched for a few minutes as Lily rocked back and forth on the rocking horse as Victoria was tossing her dollies around in her make belief world.
"I love you, Alessio." Sighed Victoria as she held up a woman doll and made it kiss a man. I frowned, putting down the newspaper I was going to read and creeping towards Victoria who was roleplaying with her barbies.
"I love you, Mummy."
A small smile crept along my lips because she didn't know my name.
"I want to have a baby with you, Mummy." Victoria acts out Alessio's voice, pulling the two barbie dolls together. I bit my lower lip, eager to figure out how she thinks sex happens, I mean, Ronnie wasn't exactly a romantic lover, unlike Alessio.
"Get here now!" She growled, rasing the man's hand and hitting his plastic hand to the woman's face. I bit back a gasp, my hand covering my face.
"That isn't how you do it!" Giggled Lily as she ran over and picked up another man.
"This is daddy."
Her little announcement was followed by the wiggling of her eyebrows and her tongue out her mouth in concentration.
She got the male barbie doll to smack the woman repeatedly and Victoria joined in, smacking the barbie version of me.
"No."I whisper, afraid that my children now think the beautiful art of making love is now a vicious act of abuse.


My voice became louder as they both look at me with shock. How does a mother describe sex to such young and naive children?

"Times up, school time now!" 

The answer to my question is; you don't. 




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