The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


11. sensitive.

(Not going to lie, i cried re-writing this chapter. Includes some scenes viewers may find offensive. But whatever, you clicked onto my book for this sickness LOL)

My hand smacked my mouth as i let out a strangled cry and the other hand shakily clutched onto an ipad. At first, i couldn't work out what it was since i had never seen one, but the big bold letters of SECURITY IPAD gave me everything i need to know.

There were attachments under neath a heading called "WIFE".

The sickness rose significantly in my throat at i warily clicked onto the first picture. It was me when i was six, clutching onto a 16 year old Ronnie who hugged me. There was no malice in this picture, just pure adorement.

If only it remained that way.

The next image was of me a little older, tears staining my ringed eyes as sweat coated my body. Blood seeped out of wounds covering my body as I lay there, motionless. If i hadn't known this person, I would say they are dead.

My eyes prickled with burning tears as I stood from the bed and ran into the bathroom. Heaving, sick poured out of my mouth and my head felt too dizzy.

The third click of the attachments were one of me and my girls. Victoria and Lily, laying next to my beaten body as Ronnie raised a whip to me. I was covering my children with my body, the blood stains hiding my identity.

More tears strained down my cheeks.


I reached up into the bathroom cabinet, searching for anything that will take the pain away. Ah ha! Mothers little helpers (pills) were sitting in a tin of deliciousness.

Shakily, my fingers unscrewed the cap as I clicked play on the fourth attachment. It was a video.

My heart lurched as I saw Victoria being murdered, a cold knife wedged between her ribs. Then it flickered over to my other daughter, Lily, her hanging.

“Wh-what!” I cried out my voice cracking as I poured the pills into my hands.

The next image was of Ronnie and his friends raping and beating me. His hand was tightly around my mouth as he was about to thrust into me. Painfully, my eyes were wide and tear stained, begging him for mercy; of course he had none.

My eyes scanned the room, tears flowing freely as the sound was muffled by my hand, also covering my cries. I couldn't even think straight.

My babies; they are dead! I killed my own children!


My tablets lie in my hand, begging me to ooze the tears and pain. Who was i to deny such a beautiful request?

One tablet became two. Two became three. Three became four and it kept going till I felt no more pain and empty.

I looked at the phoney thing one last time, seeing another attachment. They were there.

Lily and Victoria.

Both of them stood smiling at the phone, holding one another's hand. Something seemed off about them, they looked older almost. They couldn't still be alive, could they?

I dropped the phone and the pills before collapsing myself soon after. What happened to me? Another pill popped into my mouth, my eyes heavily strained. My body was weakening quickly.

Suddenly, the door slammed open and i caught sight of Alessio staring at me with shock.

"Rhine?" He said calmly and then his eyes fell over to the scattered pills every.

"Oh! Fuck, fuck fuck! No, Rhine! What have you done?" He panicked, throwing himself to his knees and grabbing my numb body. I wish i could say that i felt guilty, but i didn't. He would have one last person to care for.

My vision became hazy.

“My children." I whimper, my voice croaky and sore as my head became heavy.

"No! You need to help me, Kelsey. Don't you dare close your eyes!"

Alessio was panicking and began screaming things out to whoever was at the door. I couldn't even strain my neck without waves of agony rippling through me. Is this what it is like to die?

His head pressed against my heart which makes him gurgle louder, his tears staining my shirt.

"Why, Rhine?" He bellowed, using his hands to tilt my head to the side, letting the foam which now began to seep out of me, fall onto the floor.

Weakly, my eyes tried to peer over to the phone which was next to me, displaying the image of my beautiful girls. His eyes widened as he grabs the phone, chucking it onto the bathroom table before his hands ran up to my face. A tear smacked my cheek, i could hear the connection but i was too numb to even feel it.

" y-your goings to be okay. Yourrxgoing to be-" he was croaking now, smothering down my hair.

The air smells like alcohol and drugs but I am only focused on the door which is now opened. Wide, panicked eyes were rested on Felix’s face as he sprinted towards us.

"Rhine He shrieked his arms quickly flailing upwards to the phone.  

"The ambulance are on their way!"  Felix stuttered and the burning sensation in my heart grew warmer and heavier.

The pain was too much and i felt my leg twitch, a convulsion radiating through me. I tried to scream as my head flew back and my body began to shake but the foam quickly choked me, stopping any noise.

Alessio's hands slap onto his mouth and he makes horrible sounds, tears flowing effortlessly down his face.

" she's not breathing," Felix cried before Alessio pushes down forcefully onto my heart making me gasp. I'm not breathing? Then how am i still thinking and aware of my surroundings?

He once again frantically pushes my heart cursing under his breath. Felix struggles to the phone and scrolls through it, his eyes widening with horror.

" Stay with me, please. P-please please please don't leave me. Please." Alessio was beginning to hurt me now as he broke through my bones to my heart, making me gasp slightly each time.

" I- I love you. P-please, stay with me!" His lips crashed onto mine, blowing air into my mouth and still pumping my chest.

Then the door flew open as the paramedics ran in, checking my heat and pulse.

"She doesn't have long!" One man yelled, his two fingers on my wrist.

"Depression. She's had an overdose." A lady says and I hear Felix cursing as he hides the phone. Why would he do that?

" by the time we get to hospital she will be dead," the lady repeats.

"DEAD! She can't be! " screams Alessio shaking his head.

My exact thoughts... I am still very much aware of my surroundings. Agony and confusion, is this what it is like to be dead? I don't want this for eternity. I wanna grow old with Alessio, see take vengeance for my children, kill my husband. I want anything but death. Is it too late?

"Get me the shocks!" The doctor demands, applying a blood monitor to my arms which squeezes it very tightly.

I force myself to stay calm and look into Alessio's eyes with all my strength, his dark stained orbs giving me the power i need. Yes, this is who i want to grow old with. Sure, it was a blurred vision but it was better than nothing.

"She's strong enough. She won't die, I know she won't." Alessio is clutching onto my hand tightly squeezing and crying.

"Missy, pull through." The doctor was putting a mask over my head for oxygen. A strangling noise was screaming from the back of my throat. Agony! So much pain!

Suddenly, Something lands on my chest and shoots waves of energy through my bones. I let out a shriek and I feel my eyes become more prone to the light, vision returning. The blinding light shocks me as i throw myself to the side, escaping everyone's grasp as i choke.

My breathing quickens, longer breaths than the short, strangled ones from before as i take in as much oxygen from the mask as i could.

"Rhine!" Alessio gasped, his hands quickly supporting my shoulders. Weakly, i lent back into him, not being strong enough to sit alone.

"She's ok." The doctor stepped back with a satisfied sigh,

"But the drugs will still circulating her body."
Quickly, the doctor pulled out an injection from his medical box and inserted it into my arm. Wide eyes, a strangled cry left my lips as i felt the liquid dissolve into my blood stream.

"Shh, baby. You're okay." I hear Alessio coo as his arms gently stroked me. His eyes were heavy, dark and still clouded over.
"She will need to rest for a week. Her moods will be everywhere thanks to the long break down of the pills she took, just make sure she takes it slow." The doctor instructs, giving a pointed look towards Felix and Alessio. Then, he twists his hand into his jacket and pulls out a flyer,

"You do not need to come to hospital, the injection should slowly break down the drugs. However, i do recommend therapy sessions to get through this traumatic attempted suicide."

I looked away, humiliated. Now i would be branded with being suicidal. Another reason for people to try and creep around me.

"Thank you docs," Felix says, escorting them to the door. My cheeks flushed red and hot, what do i do now?

"I fail so much, i can't even kill myself right." I whimper out, hiding my face into Alessio's chest. His strong arms scoop me up and he hugs me tight, the dampness of his eyes staining into my shirt again.

"Why, Rhine? Was it something i did? I can't live without you, babe, i just cant-" He broke off into a muffled sob, my shoulder preventing the sounds to be heard.

"The phone." Felix growls from behind, pulling it from his pocket and flashing it towards Alessio. I felt weak at the sight of the attachments, covering my ears and crying hard.

"M-my children!" I cry out, my hands balling into fists.

"Yes, your children." Felix repeats, giving Alessio a pointed and unknown look.

I swam in my own silence, head drifting back and forth. Suddenly, Alessio grins,

"I have a surprise for you."

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