The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


8. Sam Hatter


I was sat down in a cold, metallic room with metal walls. The person in front of me had a blanket on them, hiding their identity as they were chained down to a massive chair, stabbing at their skin. My heart lurched out for this man as he struggled and complained with inaudible words.

"You want me to translate?" I make it clear, peering up to Alessio who nods.

The next thing I knew, i was translating petty things like what he does for a living, his family and where he lives.

“Il n’en fait qu’à sa tête.” The man’s thick accent says. He is frightened. Alessio looks to me expectantly.

“He does exactly as he pleases.” I translate, burrowing my eyebrows.

“Who?” Alessio presses and I translate.

The man hesitates before elaborating.

“Je ne sais pas. Je pense que c’est boss. Il est horrible. Il’aime le mort.”

“I don’t know. I think that it is boss. He is horrible. He likes the dead.”

I shiver before asking him to give a name.

“Le nom de ma boss, est Ronnie Waller.”

“The name of my boss is…” I begin, my heart freezing at the actual name. Ronnie Waller. My husband. Alessio stares at me but I couldn’t concentrate.

“Ronnie Waller.”

Everything hurts again as I peer up at the masked man.

“Comment t’appelle tu?” I nervously ask, emotions getting the best of me.

“Sam Waller.”

Sam Waller. He is Ronnie’s second in command and brother. Sam was just as horrific as Ronnie with his methods of rape and torture. They both, and with help of a team, used to beat me and gamble on how long I would remain conscious for before the pain became too much.

“He can speak English.” I say to Alessio, numb.

“How do you know?”

I look to him and nod, afraid of saying anything. Alessio glares at me with confusion.

“Hello again Rhine Waller, it’s been a while hasn’t it my darling?” Sam suddenly says, cackling underneath the sheet. My heart drops and everything snaps within me. Oh god, please no! He is addressing me as Rhine instead of Scar.

“You bastard.” I spit, afraid to say anything else.

“I missed our sex since you have run away. Do you know how mad Ronnie is? He is furious, baby girl.” Sam teases. I bring my legs up to my chest and hug them, I was too weak to move. My eyes shut and I focused as hard as I could to push the alternate universe from me.

“What’s going on here?” Alessio barked but no one responded.

“I don’t care, Sam.” I croak, fear rattling through my bones.

“Really? What about Victoria and Lily?” He says and my eyes fly open.

“Fuck you, they are dead!”
“Or are they?”

I throw myself from the chair and whip the sheet off of him, prepared to murder the little fucker on the spot now that he is chained down.

“My little girls are dead, Ronnie killed them.” I cry, my body shaking with fear. How dare he?

“Scar, what the fuck?” Yelled Alessio, as he stepped forward in anger. I couldn’t tell if he was pissed off with me or Sam. Most likely me.

“If you say so, baby. Why don’t you un-cuff me so we can have a little fun? I love it when you cry.” Sam mocks me as I grab the glass of water on the table, I smash it so quickly and leap onto his lap. The shard of glass slices his arm and I quickly hold it to his neck.

“I was six, you paedophile. You didn’t have mercy on me or my daughters.” I sob, forcing myself to stand strong.

“Rhine, get off of him.” I hear Alessio growl but I was too transfix on the man,
“Do you want to die, ass hole?"

Suddenly, two strong, arms grabbed me and pushed my head into their chest. I screamed and thrashed about, yelling,

“You monster! You fucki-fucking monster! My babies!”

Then, the hug got more meaningful and I could tell it was Alessio by the way he hushed me as I cried into him. Then, he walked us backwards, out the door as I cried harsh and loud into him.

“That’s it, get it all out of your system, hmnn.” Alessio whispered, his lips pressed against my head. The tears wouldn’t stop rolling down my cheeks.

“Is he lying about my daughters? Are they alive? I swear i saw them die.” I sobbed, clutching onto Alessio as if my legs would give way.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were Ronnie’s wife?“ Alessio choked and I peered up to him, tears in my eyes.

“Are you mad at me?”

I flinched. Ronnie was always mad at me, and hit me when he became angry. Would Alessio do the same?

“I don’t know how I feel right now, Scar. I am pleased that I found Ronnie’s wife, but I despise how it had to be you. It makes the situation harder and a lot more complicated…” He muttered, rubbing his temple. I stood back and forced myself to remain focused.

"What do you mean? Why are you looking for my husband?" 

"He is a terrible man who i have sworn vengeance on. Him and his entire family."

My heart sunk, Alessio was going to kill me.

"You have his family. Both his born children are dead, his brother is in that room and his wife is here. You have won. Ronnie is completely alone!" I sob, shaking as i backed up. Alessio shook his head,

"it isn't that simple, Scar."

"My back smacked the wall as i almost tumbled over. Alessio caught me suddenly, his muscular arms holding onto me tightly.
"What is your real name?" He whispers, our faces inches apart. All the tension in the room vanished into heat.

"I don't have a name. It changes depending on who i am with." I say quietly and Alessio gulped,

"What are you going to do with me?" 

I bit my lower lip and peered up to him throw my eyelashes. Alessio's eyes widened and something snapped, like the last thought of morals. His lips slammed against mine in a possessive yet alluring kiss suddenly. Never have i kissed someone with so much passion as he sucked the sadness out of my body, pulling off the weights on my shoulders as he deepened the kiss. My heart fluttered and my legs became weak.

This is the man my children deserved to have as a father. 

Suddenly, Alessio pulled away and shock stained his eyes,
"I am so sorry, Scar." 

"No!" I scream when he tried to pull away. My voice dropped instantly,

"Please don't go. Kiss me again? Please?" 

He watched me intently for a second but then lent forward, caressing my cheek with his fingers. His eyes sunk into mine and a seductive twinkle flashed in his wanting eyes. He looked raw and hungry,

"Be my girlfriend, Scar? I won't hurt you or mistreat you as long as i live." He promised and my heart done flips.

How exactly do you breathe again?

My lips slammed back onto his, accepting his proposal silently. Not my past, not my husband, not the man in the other room could distract me from falling for this gorgeous man.

"Oh, and Alessio? Call me Rhine." 

(Okay, not as long as i thought it was going to be. Oh well. I am going to publish more chapters later, but i need to focus on the other books i am trying to speed write too! ahhhhhh!)


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