The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


13. Quick


Swiftly, i carried the cup of tea and two plastic cups of orange juice in one hand on a tray, and three full breakfasts in the other, up the two flights of stairs and into Rhine’s room. I wanted to have them wake up to a cooked breakfast and feel like they are safe in this place.
Once the door was opened, I placed the breakfast onto the makeup desk and began writing a little note.
-Alessio. X
It was risky to add the kiss, but it was worth it. I turned around, ready to take one last look of them until starting my day. However, a sudden shiver past through me at Lily’s little eyes watching me.
“Hello.” I say, trying to make an effort. She licked her lips as she looked at the breakfast.
“That’s for you,” I whisper, trying not to wake Rhine or Victoria up. Lily beams, slowly removing herself from Rhine’s arms.
“Should I wait for mummy to wake up?” She says, her morning voice croaking a little. I shrugged,
“It’s up to you.”
She tiptoed around the bed warily, standing a meter away from me as she cocked her head to the side.
“Are you going to hurt mummy if I eat it?” She whispered, locking her fingers together.
“Of course not! Why would I?”
She shrugged,
“Daddy did. He said she deserves it and mummy had to agree.”
I was taken aback, I knew Ronnie was ruthless, but letting his own daughter watch her mother being abused? That was too harsh.
“Here, sit down and eat, I will leave you to it.” I say, bout to turn around but she grasps my hand. Her little hand scoops into mine but then she quickly cowers away as I turn to face her.
“Stay with me please?” She whispers in the tiniest of voices, not looking me in the eye. Her little face beams up at me and then flinches when I nod,
“Okay.”  That is all I could manage to say. Pathetic- I know.
She hurries over to the floor, sitting down.
“You know you can use a chair?” I say, pointing towards the wooden stall.
“Don’t be silly!” She giggled,
“Only men are allowed chairs!”
She sounded so at ease with that rule, laughing as if I had said the most stupid idea ever. I frowned,
“Yeah? Well in my house, I have an amazing rule. Whatever men are allowed to do, woman are allowed to do too!”
She looked puzzled,
“But Daddy said that men need to sit on chairs because they are more important, and woman are just toys. Toys remain on the floor and to be played with by the men.”
Something inside of me dropped. Ronnie was a sick fuck.
“Not here. There are no rules here for you. No one will hurt you or do anything you do not like or want.” I say, a little harsher than I mean to. She flinches but then nods,
“And you promise you will not tell daddy?”
“I promise.”
She lightens up a little bit, and nervously climbs onto the chair. Her face goes through a variety of emotions- fear, hesitation, curiosity and then comfort with a wide smile on her lips.
“I like chairs.”
I chuckle before sliding her food towards her and a cup of orange juice.
“Thank you!” She licks her lips before eyeing her knife and fork suspiciously,
“Why can I see myself in it?” She asks.
“It’s metal.”
Her little confused expression returns,
“B-but, we had white knife and forks, they would snap if you put too much pressure on them. Mummy, Victoria and I used to play a game called who can eat the quickest without breaking the fork or knife!”
“You had plastic knives and forks?”
“Yes! That is the word mummy called them! Mummy is really clever, but she was terrible at our games. I always won!” She giggled, her little body moving with the light, careless chuckle. She then began eating, as I thought, gently pressing for more information.
“What other games did you play?” I frown.
She swallows a bit of her bacon, the flavours wafting in the air.
“Who can fall asleep the quickest was mummy’s favourite. She was rubbish at that game! She always got out of bed when daddy came into the room then she would come back into bed a few hours later. She used to cry, too. She said she was only upset that she lost the game.” She said, emotionless but then shook head and forced a smile to her lips. She shrugged and had another mouth full of food.
I was shocked. It made me so furious that Ronnie got away with all of that.
“Yeah? What was the prize of winning?”
“I got to have some of mummy’s food! I never wanted to eat it, but she told me too. Mummy rarely ate.”
I peered over to Rhine who was passed out on the bed, bags hanging low under her eyes from fatigue. She looked pale, skinny, paper thin. My heart lurched for her and I felt sick. What was she doing to me?
“Oh!” Lily exclaimed as I spun my head to her dribbling the beans down her face. She looked surprised as if she had never felt the texture of beans before. It made me wonder.
“Here, let me grab a tissue.” I excuse myself from the room and make my way over to the bathroom. I catch a view of myself in the mirror. The frown lines on my forehead seemed to grow every time I spot a glimpse of myself, that and my eyes grew darker. However, now, my eyes were a brown, sparkling colour- it scared me. Where were the emotionless, black orbs?
I grab some tissue from the side and began to walk out the door but I caught another look of myself. A manipulative, blood-thirsty, feared beast prowled in my reflection and the monster held a soft, pink piece of tissue ready to help a little girl. What. The. Fuck?
“Morning Victoria!!” Chorused Lily as I made my way to the bathroom doorway. Rhine hadn’t spot me yet and she yawned before rubbing her eyes, as she sat up to see her little girls. Once a little more awake, she took in the image Lily before she shot out of bed, fear rattling through her.
“Lily! Get off the chair!” She shrieks, leaping onto her feet,
“R-Ronnie, I mean Daddy, will- be-“
“Angry?” I blurt out with fury. I didn’t mean to finish her sentence but at the same time I wanted to hear the words from my mouth, as if that would selfishly take away all her pain. She doesn’t look up at me. An agonising amount of fear washes over her face and then she sits down on the floor, hanging her head low like a dog.
“Sorry. Urm, I am sorry.” She whispers to no one in particular. What was she doing?
“Lily just tried out the chair, please… Ronnie, don’t hurt her, I am here now instead.”
I stay silent. Awkwardly, I scratch the back of my neck before slowly walking over to her. I was unsure of what to say or do. I am not good in emotional situations. She flinches as I speak,
“Are you okay, Rhine?”
 “Don’t call me that!” She half barks as she swings her head up to me and another wave of confusion washes over her. Fear creeps through her face and she gasps loudly,
She springs to her feet and shocks me with her terrified chuckle. I squint at her,
“W-what was that all about?”
Before I could answer, she springs herself into me, hugging me tightly. Involuntarily, I wrap my arms around her protectively as I felt her damp tears run through my top.
“H-hey, you’re safe now, okay?” I whisper, running my fingers through her hair in attempt to calm her down. It was a weak act I had learnt from watching the men kiss their wives for the last time before I got my hands on them. I was finally learning about how sinister I had been to those families.
“N-noo! Alessio, its Ronnie. He is g-going to kill us!” She cried as I burrowed my eyebrows,
“No he won’t, nothing bad will happen to you or the girls. I promise you.”
She shook her head before peeping up to me with her red, puffy eyes,
“I know my husband, he will not stop until we are both dead. He won’t sleep until he sees our blood on his fingertips, Alessio. He is a monster. A fucking monster!”
Her grip on my shirt became looser and her little episode clouded over, just like her eyes, with an emotionless stare. The passion once there had disappeared.
I watched her eyes trail over to Lily as she smiled lightly,
“Ca te plait ici?” She whispered, her husky French accent grabbing my attention. I didn’t know what she was talking about, but her accent turned me on… heavily.
“Ca te plait ici?” I hear myself direct conversation over to Lily, letting Victoria sleep in a little longer. Her little face lights up and she beams through her little, wonky teeth,
“Qui, mama. J’adore être ici!”
Damn. She says she loves it here. I try again.
“Ês-tu sûr?”
“Uh huh!” She nods quickly and I sigh loudly. I suppose it is good that she likes it here. But still we are prisoners here too. Different scenery, same situation.
“Qu’est-ce que c’est?” I curiously step away from Alessio and head towards Lily, staring at her food.
“La nourriture.”
“Bien sûr.” Of course. Smart-ass kid, I wonder where she got that from.
“Qu’est-ce que vous voulez comme boisson?” She asks me if I would like a drink. I tilt my head at the thick, orange liquid which slushed around in the glass.
“Qu’est-ce que c’est?”
“Le jus d’orange.”
“Et Regardez mama!” Lily exclaims, pulling me towards the window. I widen my eyes at the view of fields which stretch on for miles.
“Il y a du soleil!” She points out the sun and I smile.
“C’est beau.”
I look over to Alessio and curiosity grows within me as his eyes are dark with lust and he is quietly cocking his head to each of our words.
“Est-ce que je peux aller aux toilettes?” Lily nervously asks as I nod my head and point my finger towards the door. She nods and then excuses herself from the room.
I silently turn to face Alessio who is smirking.
“I love it when you talk in another language.”
“Mais comprenez-vous?” I whisper huskily.
“What? What does that even mean?”
I stride closer to him.
“But do you understand?”
“Some of it.” He lies and I smirk wide at him,
“Oh yeah? Je suis allée à la piscine avec mon petit copain.”
“That’s not fair! You spoke too fast.” He pouts, suddenly his angry or emotionless expressions, sunk into this childish boy which I craved to understand.
“I went swimming with my boyfriend.”
“And how was I supposed to guess that?”
I shrugged, biting my lower lip,
“You wasn’t.”
Mischievously, he stepped closer to me, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear.
“There is something about you, Rhine, which pulls me towards you.” He suddenly blurts out.
“You are always in my head. Every little thing you do sticks in my mind. Your beauty, grace and fearlessness. I don’t know what you do, but no one has ever made me feel this way before, Rhine.”
I take a step back, unable to put my thoughts into words. The all ‘mighty’ English and American mafia is admitting his love for a hideous, French whore. Yeah right!
“Why are you shaking your head?” He frowns, closing the gap between us.
“Now, I have never been in love before, Rhine. I have never had… any form of love, but what I feel for you, I know is… pure.”
I shake my head back, mainly to create a distraction from the tears brimming in my eyes.
“But I am not worthy of-“
“Don’t you dare finish that sentence, Rhine! You are the most enticing, gorgeous and perfect woman I have ever met. As you know, I am used to getting what I want when I want it. But you have pushed me away every time I try something. For once in my life, I didn’t get angry for someone disobeying me…” He pauses,
“And with you, it is exciting, amusing and a damn right turn on.”
I blush and try to turn my face from him. His words were having a significant effect on me.
“But I am married to your worst enemy.” I tried to reason. I wanted to make sure that he was fully sure before trying to commit to something. Lily and Victoria cannot be messed around with another monster.
“I don’t care. The fucker is dead for what he done to you girls. You did NOT deserve what he gave you. Trust me, he has a hell of a storm coming.”
I flinched, not at his words but at the fact Ronnie would think otherwise. I did deserve everything I got- and he made sure I remembered. So why would an equally powerful leader think otherwise?
“Rhine, Please give us a chance. I promise I will never put you or Lily or Victoria in harm’s way. I will protect you both for as long as I live!” He pleaded, eyes bearing into mine.
“I love you Rhine, pleas-please say something.
I bit my lower lip and resisted the overwhelming urge sweeping over me. Would think relationship soon merge into the abusive one I had with Ronnie? Everything starts innocent. Nothing is immortal from the paedophilic caresses of abuse. Especially me.
“Will you be my girlfriend, Rhine?”
“I have two children, Alessio. They aren’t yours, they are your enemies children, how could you live with that?” I squeak, a huge twang of pain radiating through my heart. It hurt a lot more than I imagined it would. His face fell dramatically and the blackening colour disappeared into clear, sad eyes.
“When I look at you or the girls, I don't see Ronnie. I see three gorgeous woman who are caring and despite the shit they have gone through, love like there is no hate in the world.”

I stutter over myself. I felt like I was going to burst into tears. I barely knew the guy yet I felt so safe, loved and utterly protected. He was all I wanted, but Victoria and Lily were all I needed.

“So will you be my girlfriend?” He stumbled over his own words which made me feel even guiltier. I stood on my tiptoes and pecked his lips, savouring this kiss.
“Yes, Alessio I will be your girlfriend.” I whisper against his lips before pulling away, smiling brightly. 
Maybe this is my second chance at love? 
“Rhine, I love you no matter what, please remember that. I am not Ronnie, Rhine.”
“Don’t.” I whisper.
His eyes fell sadder.
“Rhine was my marriage name. I don’t want to be married anymore, don’t call me Rhine.”
“What is your real name?” He frowns, watching me intently. Hadn't we had this conversation? 
“I don’t know. I forgot.”
“You forgot?”
“Not willingly. My name has been changed so often, I cannot remember the first.”
“What shall I call you?” He looked taken aback and I understood.
I shrugged again,
“A name is a name. Any name that doesn’t mean Ronnie’s wife, I will take.”
“Well, what is your favourite name? Have you ever liked a name before?”
“Frankie was my runaway name. I liked Frankie, but I’m open to suggestions.”  
He smiles like a childish child,
“I like the name kitten. You are fierce like a tiger but adorable at the same time.”
“Watch it, these claws are sharper than you think.” I wink at him. He rolled his eyes and made a sarcastic scoff,
“Yeah right, bet they couldn’t harm a fly.” He teased. I leapt onto him, playfully shoving him against the wall. My foot quickly cut into his neck, pinning him effortlessly. He let me win for a bit before ducking and grabbing me. I slid out of his grip quickly and grabbed onto his back with my legs wrapped around his chest and hands at his throat.
“See, I am more of a choking fan, if you haven’t noticed yet.”
“Ah, cute but then you have left yourself unprotected for me to do this…” He then swung his arms up, grabbing my waist lightly but tight enough to flip me off his back and then trapped between him and the wall.
“Boss!” A barking voice erupted our playfulness. Alessio made no attempts to remove himself from me and never let his eyes leave me. He brought his lips close to my ear and made me shiver excitedly,
“See, Kitten, you are not quite the master yet, are you?”
“I let you win.” I huffed as he pulled away quickly from the wall.
“So Frankie, that is how you defend yourself in case of an attack, got it?” He quickly became professional. I smirked before directing my attention over to Lily who stood in the doorway of the bathroom giggling at me. Victoria now sat up on the bed, looking confused through sleepy eyes. 

“Mama…” Lily sung childishly before skipping over to me and whispering into my ear,
“You love Alessio.”
“Sérieusement? Est-ce que tu as perdu la tête?” I pull back and speak in our little language, undetected. Seriously? Are you out of your mind?
“Non, Mama.”
“Nous parlerons plus tard.” We will speak later.
“Parler de L’amour?” She teased, asking to talk about the love between me and Alessio.
“Je ne veux pas parler de ma vie amoureuse!”
“S’il vous plait parle-moi de ta relation!”
“D’accord Mama. Je desolie.” She bowed her head before hugging onto my leg, burrowing her head into my thigh.

I peered up to Alessio who is whispering something to the other man, who I didn’t really know. They were exchanging harsh messages but I couldn’t make out what.
“Wh-what are they saying?” Lily whispered, her English accent masked by the husky French one.
“Je ne sais pas.”
I coughed awkwardly,
“You okay?” I asked Alessio. He nodded and then the man next to him took a step into the room.
“Alessio, leave please. I believe I need to talk to Lily, Victoria and Rhine alone.”
“No. What you say to them, you say to me.” He growled.
“Sir, this will not work if you are here. You can stand outside if you want.”
Alessio huffed at him and strode threateningly towards the man.
“Alessio!” I barked, quickly eyeing up the girls to make him aware. He takes the hint and backs away, unwillingly making his way to the door.
“I will be right outside if you need anything.”
Then the door shut. I immediately felt sick.
“What do you like to do in the morning?” He said but then looked down to Victoria who was now by my side.. She was confused. A long silence followed that.
“Why isn’t she speaking to me?”
“She doesn’t understand what you are asking her.”
“Could… could you perhaps translate?” He asks with a wicked grin.
“As you wish.”
“What do you like to do in the morning?” He tries again, impatiently nodding at me to cater to his translation problem.
“Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire le matin?”
“Jai normalent faire la grasse matinée.”
“She says, she usually sleeps in.”
“Oh, no school? Do your daughters want an education?”
“Shouldn’t you ask them.” He taps his foot impatiently. I grew annoyed,
“Look, pal, you haven’t even told me your name, let along barging in here and demanding my six year olds and nine year old daughter’s preferences.”
“No, ma’am, you have it all wrong!”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yes, I am here to discuss an education process for them both. She will need to start schooling soon, in order to catch up with the other children.”
“Why does Alessio need to be out the room from this conversation then?”
“Well, in my experience, Single mums tend to…”
“Single mums?” I burst, outraged.
“What makes you think I am a single mum? Do you even know who I am?”
“Well, ur no, I am sorry, ma’am, I- jus-just guessed tha,” He grew red with humiliation and held his hands up in defeat. I let my eyes bore into his and just glared. He shifted under my gaze and clearly grew uncomfortable.
“Well if your people skills are as good as your teaching, it would be better off leaving Lily and Victoria in my care… you know, a single mum teaching her children. Cliché, right?”
“I am sorry, ma’am! I didn’t mean to offend you. Can we start over?”
I took a deep breath in, huffed and then looked down to Lily who I knew understood every word. We just pretend she is incapable of speaking English around strangers so they wouldn’t ask her difficult questions about her dad. It always worked until she decided to have a long conversation with Alessio. Damn, maybe she feels comfortable around him? That’s a good thing…. Right?

“Hello, Ma’am. My name is Michael Handrix, and I am the head school teacher of Hardings academy.”
“Hello Michael, I am Frankie and this is my daughter lily and Victoria.”
“Beautiful names.”
“Can Alessio please come into the room now? I feel guilty leaving him out there like a dog.”
“Sure he can, now formalities are out the way.”
Slowly, I open the door to Alessio and wink at him. His once nervous and anxious expression moulded into a relief-filled grin,
“You okay? How’s it going?”
I smile and nod.
“He wants to talk about putting the girls into school, would you like to join us? I mean-, ur, if… if you aren’t busy that is. If you have more- ur, i-important thin…” I trail off in a stutter but he cuts me off,
“Course I will stay.”
He then escorts us through the door of my own room and we sit at the table with Michael. 
“Hello, Sir.” Michael greets Alessio but he just mutters under his breath murmurs of being allowed to get into his own house and other childish tantrum-like mutters.
We talk for over an hour about education purposes for Lily and Victoria before everyone settling on Monday’s to Fridays, 8:30am-5pm. I argued it was too long to be away from me, but then the comeback was she has already missed six years of a learning curve to be picky on a few extra hours. So with the help of the girls eager and confidence, I agreed.
“Brilliant, that’s all I think. Lily and Victoria , it’s 10 0’clock now, I think you should come to school today and have a tester, yes?” Michael offered and they both nodded excitedly. I am pretty sure Victoria was buzzing about the idea of wearing a school uniform and making friends with people her own age. Lily, on the other hand, was frightened about being too far away from Victoria or I. I have never known my shy Lily to be so daring when she finally agreed. It made me so nervous!

After a quick change of their outfits and a long lecture from me about being safe, Lily was on her way out the door with Michael, Victoria skipping ahead. He had insisted that I wouldn’t follow them to the door because it shown to be harder to let her go but I was really doubting otherwise.
“Love you, darlings! Stay safe and remember your manners!” I called after them and watched with nerves boiling at every end of my nerves in fear as they disappeared from sight. My nails quickly became a meal on my chomping teeth, a nervous action for a nervous woman.
“Calm down, They will be okay…” I hear Alessio coo from the other side of the room. I jump, forgetting he is still here.
“You think? I am so worried for Lily! Victoria will be okay, i hope!”
“I can tell.”
I let out a nervous chuckle before looking around the room.
“I should probably get dressed. I was offered a job by the maid yesterday.” I grin, pointing over to the little maid coustume. 
He didn’t say anything as I quickly faffed around with my clothes, laying everything that I need out on the bed.
“Are you going to stand there and watch?” I tease, chucking my hip out and placing my hand on it. Sassy!
“Is that an invitation?”
“Is that an invitation?” I mimic his voice, taking the piss.
“You know, you kind of scare me, Kitten… your mood changes too quickly for me to keep up!”
“Do I remind you of yourself then?” I send a cheeky wink over to him. Then I turn my back on him and begin unbuttoning my shirt. I hear him take a deep breath,
“Mood swings, maybe. But, Kitten you…”
I let my shirt drop and then bent over to work on pulling my jeans down my legs.
“Are flawless.” He muttered under his breath before shaking his head quickly.
I kept undressing until I remained in my bra and panties, proudly spinning around to give him the full view. He reached out to touch my body but I shook my head teasingly, stepping backwards.
Once dressed, I gave him another twirl.
“Stunning.” He grunted, staring at the thigh length dress which displays my tan legs.
I cheekily wink at him, pecking him on the cheeks.
“ I should get going then.” 
His eyes widened like he didn't want me to leave but he controlled himself quickly.
“Sure, I need to speak to you later about how they are still alive. Is that okay?” He suddenly became very professional. Seductively, I undone his tie before redoing smoothly,
“Anything you want.” 

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