The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


4. Pain


My heart beat so loud, it deafened me. Again, the adrenaline coursed through my bones, drugging each and every last nerve into a submissive state of numbness. I was kidnapped. Again.

Would this endless cat and mouse game ever end? Was Alessio one of them? Would he hurt me too?

The questions were rotating round and round, faster and faster, demanding more answers than not. My hands gripped onto my thigh, searching for my gun- it wasn’t there.

“Fuck!” I screamed, clutching onto every hide out where a gun would lie on my body. Nothing..

Twitching, my eyes roamed over this odd room. I have only seen rooms with beds and wardrobes on tv, I thought they were just decoration. So why would Alessio have them?

Slowly, I crept over to the bed, tiptoeing slowly as if the thick mattress would swallow me whole. With my shoe that I had now taken off, I chucked it at the bed, creating a ripple of air. I jumped backwards, ready to fight. But nothing attacked me.

“What is the point of you?” I asked the bed, warily stepping around it.

Suddenly, a voice from behind caught me off guard.

“You have never seen a bed before?” Alessio asked, frowning with curiosity. I spun around and held my fists up in protection,

“Where am I?”
“You are safe.”
“That is not what I asked, Alessio! If that is even your real name? Or are you just trying to kidnap me?” I screamed, anger brimming within me. I called to all my primal emotions to try and save myself.

“Have you taken drugs or something in the last 48 hours?” He scoffed and I retorted quickly,

“Other than when you drugged me? No.”

He grinned briefly but as quick as it was there, it vanished.

“You are in my house, to answer your first question.” He stated, coughing and then marching around, nodding at the decorations in here. His finger outstretched and wiped against the wall, checking for something and then with a pleased sigh he brought his hand down by his side,

“Do you like your room?”

“My room?” I choked, stepping backwards.

“Yes. You are staying here with me until I understand how you knew so much about the bus incident.”

“Dude, I saved your life! Can you let me go home and call it a draw?”

“Home? Where is home exactly, Scar?” He frowned at me, facing me with crossed arms and a stern expression. He was no longer calm and kind, it was like something had ripped that away and he was on a mission.

“Home?” I say, mainly repeating the word to myself. Where was my home? I didn’t have a home; I lived in a house. But that was not a home.

“I live east ends of London.” I lie, playing with my fingers,

“Where is my bag?”

Alessio observed me very cautiously before a knock at the door paused his direction of speech. A large man, dark hair and quite short entered the room. He had a scar down his left eye, slightly damaging how wide he could open it and another one on his lower lip. However, his evil eyes was the thing sent shivers down my back. Yet again, a bad feeling washed over me.

“Boss, her bag.” He grimaced, displaying his yellow, wonky teeth. He brought his lips next to Alessio’s ear and Alessio’s eyes were transfixed onto me. They showed nothing and then fury but then settled on amusement.

“Alright, yeah. Got it.” Alessio finally smirked before he advanced towards me.

“Say, Scar.” He started, eyes twinkling,

“I got a few questions.”

I swallowed and then nodded. Stay strong. Men like him thrived on fear, scar. Show him who the fuck is boss.

“This here is Adam. He is a trusted man of mine, he will take good care of you, if you answer correctly.” His eyes narrowed on me,

“If you are dishonest…”

Adam took a step towards me to, grinning and staring at me through his hooded eye. Sickness and bile rose to my throat at the sight of him. Oh yes, me and him will not be getting along in the future.

“Fire away.” I smirk mischievously. If I played my cards right, I could trick them and run away. Otherwise, they will find me for who I really am, then most likely kill me. I wasn’t a massive hero, to be honest.

“What is your full name?” Adam spits at me. I force myself not to wipe the saliva which landed on my chin and answer with a polite smile,

“Scar Victoria Fontaine.”

I lied easily. Scar, a nickname. Victoria, a story for another time. And Fontaine? A random pick from my endless list. Too easy to lie, nowadays.

“Where are you from?”

“I’ve already said.” I held my tongue, playing whatever game they wanted me to. They can win the battle as long as I win the war.

“East-ends, huh?” Adam smirks. My eyes never leave his in an oppressive daring way.

“So you have heard?”

He makes a scoffing noise but it came across like an animalistic snort. Pathetic, really.

“You have a family?” He tries and I pull my poker face off. The question stabbed me a thousand times in the heart.


I had a family.

“Why do you need to know?” I spit, attitude breaking my innocent streak.

I would not tell them the truth about my husband and children.

“You have any siblings?” Adam tried again.


That was the only truth that came out of my mouth. I had siblings. I had parents. I had children. I had everything. Now, it is just me. And it’s all Ronnie’s enemy’s fault. Whoever that was.

“How old are you?”

“Twenty four.” I didn’t mind telling the truth about that.

“Are you in a relationship with anyone?”

“Why, you interested?” I spit, now taking a step forward. I am tired of being quizzed like I was something fucking magical.

My eyes glazed over and fury rattled me, but I kept a good composure. Alessio’s eyes linked with me and he was lost. Something within them held a look of pity and understanding.

“Here is your bag, Scar.” Alessio threw me my bag, hesitant on my name. It hurt, it shouldn’t- but it did.

“I need to make a phone call.” Alessio sighed, rubbing his head and then leaving the room, closing the door behind him.

“Can I go home now?” I turned towards Adam with a bored look.

“No. Little Missy, you have been a very naughty girl.” Adam grinned, pacing forward until he was inches from me. I held my breath, if not, I would slaughter this asshole on the spot.

“A very, very, very naughty girl.” His hand quickly shoots up and grabs me by the arm.

“And how so?” I spit, trying to wriggle my arm out the way.

“You are lying. He may not see it, but I do.”

“You are cute, you know? A pissed off midget. Boy, do I land myself in some lucky situations!” I grin, breaking my arm free and then shoving him. My wrist aches with the movement and Adam stumbles back slightly.

“You little whore, you will regret saying that.”

“Come at me, let me show you what this whore can do.”

Adam threw a fist at my head and I dodged it easily, grabbing his other fist, to keep him undefended and then I drove my knee into his crotch. He yelled out as I gave him a knock around the head followed by a kick. Multiple punches were thrown in my direction but I escaped them swiftly, returning twice as hard.

Blood poured from his nose and lip as he dropped to his knees. With one last kick, he was knocked out cold.

“Pathetic.” I say, disgusted by him.

I ran to the door, peeking through the keyhole and smiled.

“They make this easy for me, don’t they?”

I twisted the nob on the door and opened it quietly. My eyes scanned the hallway before my legs joined in on the action and I began sprinting down towards the end of the hallway. I took a few lefts and then threw in a few rights.

Everything looked the same. There was an elevator, no stairs. I ran to it, pressing the button whilst keeping look out.

The doors opened and thankfully I was alone. My head rolled backwards as I sighed deeply, regaining my breathing. When my eyes reopened, I became aware of the sharp pains in my stomach. I lifted my top up and saw my perfectly toned stomach, black and blue with bruises. There was a six inch wound sliced across my stomach, the old scar which was now bleeding out from the corner of it. I must have ripped it somehow.

“Agh!” I cry out, waving my head side to side as I forced myself to stay strong. A flash then crossed my eye sight and I was instantly attracted to it, forcing my mind to subside the agony.

In the corner of the ceiling was a black circle thingy with a thick, cream base. It flashed a few times and then I realised that I had one of these in my room and one in the hallway.

“Fuck.” I murmur, walking closer to it and staring up at it. A red light flashed on it again and then I knew it was a camera. A noise echoed off of this device like a deep beeping melody before a man began speaking.

“Stop running, Scar. Click three onto the dial pad of the escalator or punishments will occur.”

It was Alessio. I could almost hear the anger and sadness in his voice.

“I’m sorry, Alessio. I want to go home.”

“You are in no state to go anywhere. You are bleeding significantly. Let me help you.”

“No. Say you will let me leave.”

There is a long stretch of silence and then the escalator doors open at three. I never pressed any button which means someone was waiting there.

I held my breath and clutched onto my wound, trying to contain the agony into splutters of breaths. Alessio’s face then appears with an army of men behind him. Calmly, he steps into the elevator with me, pressing twenty onto the keypad.

“Go away, asshole.” I hiss, forcing my back to press against the wall,

“This isn’t a fair fight.”

“I am not here for a fight.” Alessio smoothly saying before stepping forward.

“Stay back!” I scream before doubling over in pain. My outbursts were making the agony worse.

“Okay, okay. Just take it easy.” Alessio sighs, raising his hands,

“Can you at least take your shirt off?”

My eyes glare up at him, and he grunts with annoyance,

“Not like that. Just let me see the damage.”

“It’s only a little cut. I can survive. Just let me leave, please.”

“Why won’t you let me help you?” He shouts, taking another step forward.

“I don’t need you or anybody! Piss off!”

A tear made its way down my cheek. I look up to which level we are on. 7. 14 more to go. I sink to my knees, my legs not providing any more support.

“Fuck, Scar. Hold the wound with two hands, not one. You are not doing it right. Let me help.” Alessio bursts out before shoving my hands away and replacing them with his large, cold ones. As much as it pisses me off to say this, the coolness of his hands felt amazing against the burning blood on my body.

“Agh!” I cry out, forcing my eyes shut through the pain. I sounded weak. Desperate. That hurt more.

“Deep breaths now. Fuck, too much blood.” He spoke to himself with fear. I had never seen him break his moody, emotionless character until now. He removes his shirt suddenly, ripping off a part of it and then shoving the larger bit against my wound,
“Hold it like this.” He directs me,

“Bite on this as well.”

A piece of cloth is shoved into my mouth and I oblige, squeezing the material between my teeth with an aching amount of force. My eyes quickly roam over his body but I don’t catch a good enough look before my body is thrust up into the air.

Alessio was bridal carrying me and my head was pressed to his large muscular arm. People were screaming all around me until I was taken into this room and quickly injected with something.

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