The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


10. Morning after

Showered and dressed, i proceeded to sneak out of my room. I had nothing to hide, sure, but Alessio was still asleep in my bed and i didn't want to wake him. The winding corridors didn't take me far and i didn't have a pass to use the lift. 

"Oh." i frowned, spinning around and beginning to make my way back down the corridor.

"Wanted to steal my pass again?" A voice growled as something punches me around the face. Out of pure shock, i stumbled backwards and clutched onto my cheek.

Before i could react, something flew into my stomach, forcing me to my knees as i cried out.

"A-adam?" I stutter, peering up into his glowing eyes, silently screaming with vengeance. His fist connected with my jaw, the sound echoing off the walls as a stinging sensation rippled at the back of my throat. How do i always seem to get myself into these situations. 

"Gold star for you, princess." Adam snarled, snatching me by the hair and dragging me to my feet. Satisfyingly, i manage to kick him in his crotch area, earning a grunt, but he soon recovered with a twice as powerful blow to my stomach. My voice cracked as i shrieked in agony.

"People never change, Rhine. You used to be a whore, and still are!" Adam cackled as he thrust me up against the wall by my shirt. My feet were not able to reach the ground as his spit flicked into my face. Quickly, he tied my hands up with cuffs, behind my back, and shoved me to the floor again. I landed funnily on my thigh, hurting it even more as he used another set of handcuffs to tie around my ankles. 

"Adam! What are you doing?" I cried out, squirming away. However, he swiftly grabbed me, rolling me onto my back and straddling me. I could feel his member poking into the side of my body as i screamed out. His hand quickly slapped around my mouth as he removed the tape from his pocket, fixing it to my lips.

I screamed and screamed but it was useless, the tape was working too well.

"Awe, don't worry Rhine. I wont hurt you anymore than your husband." Adam cooed sinisterly, as i squirmed my head away, still not giving up on screaming. 

His dirty, thick fingers began quickly working on my jeans, trying to undo them. Wriggling away wasn't an option under his weight and i felt the tear fall down my cheek.

Here we go again. Old habits never do die.

"Shhhhh, let nature take its course!" Adam grinned hideously, his broken teeth from where i attacked him last time, glistening out at me. I shrieked, waving my head around and trying to throw myself upwards as he pulled my trousers down. 

"You will enjoy this, i have a bigger cock than Alessio and Ronnie combined." He dirtily smirked, undoing his belt. Tears now flowed freely down my face as Adam's hands came up to my neck, choking me evilly. 

"Don't worry though, once i am done with you, you can go back to where you came from." 

I squirmed and then a grinned crossed his face. My back arched up as my fingers tried to tug the hand cuffs apart.

At that moment in time, i could have been labelled the luckiest girl alive. They were not correctly fastened.

I screamed out as Adam thrust into me, ripping through my dignity and clawing at my past. Tears now flowed faster and faster as my hands pulled away from the cuffs, still remaining behind my back until i could see a weapon to use.

Silly cunt had a gun in his pocket.

Adam's grunts filled the room as he pumped into me, my cries making him go faster and faster. His face scrunched up as he came closer and closer, enjoying this perverted act.

"What the fuck!" Alessio bellows as my head tossed over to him at the end of the hallway. Adam suddenly stops and i take the opportunity to whip one arm around and grab the gun.


Adam fell out of me and onto the floor, clutching his bleeding stomach.

An army of soldiers suddenly ran around the corner and stared in confusion at the scene ahead of them at the same time it took Alessio to run up to us.

Weakly, my eyes peer up to Alessio whose eyes are dark and fiery- he looked murderous. He was torn between seeing if i was okay and killing the rapist. I shook my head pathetically and diverted my eyes. Adam was right, all i am is a whore. Alessio deserved so much better than the daily drama that intruded on my life.

His arms scooped me up after he barked a few commands at the soldiers. Quickly, he whisked us away into our room after removing the tape from my mouth. I couldn't cry, that was the sad thing.

Adam hadn't taken anything valuable from me, he just added to the endless list of names who had their own way with me.

"Rhine?" Alessio sadly asked after he ran a hot bath. I wanted to be in silence, swim in my own miserable, self loathing thoughts. What else could a whore like me do?

Carefully, he approached me on the bed and linked eyes with me. I felt sick. How could such a gorgeous man want to be with a whore? He must be insane!

"Rhine, please don't shut me out." He begged, dropping to his knees as his fingers gently removed my trousers from my leg. He was readying me for a bath. My eyes diverted when he reached for my shirt, slowly unbuttoning the remaining few buttons.

"Tell me what you are thinking." He tried again but still i said nothing. Gingerly, his fingers undone the back of my bra, letting my breasts fall loose. I covered myself up, ashamed and humiliated by all the bruises i had been so open about last night.

"You can take your knickers off by yourself." He whispers before softly taking my hand and guiding me towards the bathroom. Clumsily, i stumbled behind, the whole thing still not feeling real.

Adam still felt inside of me, his punches and assault still radiated on my sensitive skin. The sickness rose within me but i forced it down.

"I will come help you out in fifteen minutes." Alessio smiled sadly, pecking me on the forehead nervously before leaving the room. It took me a good five minutes of removing my pants without throwing up. There was blood from the forced entry and it disgusted me.

In the bath, i scrubbed at my skin hard. Every inch of me burned red as i forced Adam's touch to be lifted from my body, needless to say, nothing to get rid of my sluttyness. 

"Rhine, baby?" I heard Alessio whisper from outside the door. Thanks to my numbness, i hadn't washed or groomed myself, only scrubbed away at my skin.

Alessio winced when he saw my self, induced washing burns.

"Come here." 

He opens the towel in his arms and closes his eyes, reading for me to stand up naked. However, i do not move.

Instead, i wait patiently for him to re-open his eyes and i gracefully stood up. A sudden change of heart, my humiliation soon turned into lust. Alessio had seen me through hell and back and yet he still welcomed me back with loving, big arms. I should embrace this man, not hide from him.

"Alessio." I say quietly, making him look back at my naked body. He gulps nervously and watches as i climb out of the bath.

"Do you want to dry me?" i innocently smile, stepping towards him. A bulge in between his legs screams yes as his hands gingerly began wiping down my arm. His softness of not wanting to push me made me smirk, but no one could push me further than i have already been.

Swiftly, i took his hand in mine which held the towel and directed him to my neck, working my way downwards.

"Look." I say softly when his eyes flickered towards the door, afraid of upsetting me. Hesitantly, he glanced back over to me as i trailed the towel down towards my breasts. He groans and then gulps, trying to control himself. It makes me smile mischievously. 

"Squeeze them." I instruct, my eyes never leaving his as Alessio brings up a hand (holding the towel) to each of my breasts and gingerly holds them. Seductively, my hands jump onto his, gripping my breasts more firmly. My head falls back at the warm, soft towels texture against my sensitive nipples.

"Oh God." I whimper, loving the fact that Alessio was losing control quickly.

"Ur, urm... Rhine? We should stop." He stuttered, stepping backwards. I shake my head and follow him,

"Stop telling us to stop. I don't want to anymore." 

My words clearly effected him because he cleared his throat and diverted his eyes. He was struggling to make a decision, so i sped it up for him. 

My lips attached to his quickly, naked body pressing against his as i stole his breath. Hesitantly, his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer as he did so. I moaned out at the feel of his body against mine. Yes, this is what i wanted.

My fingers fumbled with his shirt as i removed his clothes quickly.

"Slowly." Alessio whispered into the kiss, arms resting upon my hips. I shook my head,

"No. I want you now, here and fast." 




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