The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


17. Mole

Don't ask me how i got myself into this situation, just understand the thoughts going through my head. Maybe if you can understand my judgements, i won't seem so heartless.

The blonde haired man stood in front of me, charming me with his winning smile. He was handsome, i will admit that freely, with his towering figure, bulky torso and his dazzling emerald eyes. His words were influential but i knew men like him.

His kind got you in trouble.

However, it wasn't the way he looked, or the way he talked which caught my attention- it was who he was related to.

"My brother is Loch Wilkers. The man who was smuggling in your birth control." He sadly smiled at me. 

Only God knows how he managed to be standing in front of me with such determination. I killed his brother, without me, his best friend could still be alive. Loch Wilkers was the man that Ronnie ruthlessly slaughtered in front of me and then supposedly killed my children.

"L-l-Loch?" I stuttered, amazed that i would be seeing someone so alike him.

"Yes. I am Christian Wilkers. My brother sent me to save you."

I stumbled backwards, confused.

"Save me?" 

"You are trapped here. Frankie. Look around you, there are walls guarded more heavily than Ronnie's house; men who abuse you like you are a whore; cameras in every direction. Alessio is more than likely watching us talk right now." He frowned, nodding quickly. My face scrunched up with a cynical glare,

"Your brother is dead. How has he told you to help me?" 

"The same way your children are still alive." 

My heart dropped and the breath was stolen from me. 

"That is impossible. I saw his dead face. I watched your brother die." I spit out, not caring if this was hurting his feelings at all. 

"Ah, that is where you are wrong. When someone has been strained under tension and pressure for too long, they start to go a little.... How do you put it?" He trailed off, walking around me and using his hand gestures to act something out,


His amazing smile drew me in and i felt light headed suddenly. Can a smile do that?
"My brother was in love with you, you know." He suddenly blurted. Christian began twirling his fingers around, luring me into whatever mind trap he was playing at,

"Yeah, so deeply that he was willing to risk his life for you." 

"You were hinting that he is still alive?" I frown, forcing my brain to try and keep up despite the constant distractions.

Christian ignored my comment abruptly,

"Rhine, Frankie... Plasir." He listed off my names, hesitating on my maiden name.

"How d-do yyou-" I croaked,

"i told you, Loch was my brother and we are very close. He told me everything. Me, likewise." 

The way he spoke made no sense yet made all the sense in the world at the same time. 

Plasir meant pleasure in french, you can guess why i was nicknamed that.

"Loch loved me?" I whimper, my fingers trailing back to my lips as if i would feel his on mine. Christian nodded with a devious smirk,

"With all his heart."

Loch, the blue eyed boy, was now named and i wasn't sure how i felt about it. My mysterious lover who died for me now had a story, a past, a life and i ended it.

"No. I refuse to believe that." I gulp, forcing myself to sound strong. 

You love Alessio, Frankie- do not change your mind.

"Think about it, darling. Loch was head over heels in love with you. And i think you fancied him too." He convinced me and pictures flooded into my mind. Loch loved my hands as weird as that sounds.

He used to sit there and stroke my fingers gently, humming soothing things in English which was how i managed to learn so much of the language. Hours on end, he would sit there with me, calming me down as i had a panic attack or was throwing up from backlash of the pregnancy's. 

Small caresses on my lower back and gently playing with my hair, made me feel certain ways for him. But love? I doubt it.

"You are mistaken. I love Alessio." I say more determined. Christian let out a little chuckle,

"You loved Ronnie too. I think, if i may say so, you have a bad case of Stockholm syndrome."

I felt sick and icky. I did love Ronnie but that was because i knew no different. You have to love your husband, right?

"Alessio says i am free to go whenever i want." I defended him, loyalty coming first.

"That is reverse psychology. He will never let you leave this place. Ask him specifically if you can, go shopping with the girls. He will either go with you or assign someone to watch. Or say no. Trust me, he does not want you leaving."

"That is because he loves us." I point my finger at him daringly. Christian smiles gently, his hand hesitantly, taking my accusing finger into a soft hold,

"I am not here to turn you against your boyfriend, Frankie. If you want to stay a prisoner for the rest of your life, stay with Alessio. If not, i will return in two days for you and the girls."

My breath leaves my mouth in a gasp. I pull my hand away and divert my eyes, forcing myself to not listen to his words. He was playing a game.

Let them see, but not too much, let them feel and then take it all away.

But i need my daughters to grow up in a home, not a prison. 



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