The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


7. Memories

I watched him pace back and forward on the phone. How he didn't fall over his fast step, i wouldn't know. Agony rippled through me for different reasons.

They say that mental pain replaces the physical. But that is pure bullshit, i fell both, raw and hard. My children were dead and i had failed as a mother- and a wife.

"Okay, Scar, i really need to go for a bit but i will be back soon." Alessio quietly told me, a pain flickering in his eyes. I felt silly and pathetic. I told him nearly everything about myself and now he is leaving.

My voice was hoarse from crying and i tried to clear my throat,

"I will be back in half an hour, don't leave okay? There are a pile of books in that draw that you can help yourself too if you want?" He instructed, a stern look in his eyes telling me not to test him. I nodded innocently, sadly watching him leave.


Down in the basement was a man called Sam Waller, my rivals second in command, slowly being tortured into confessing.

"Get anything?" I say to Felix who is walking besides me, handing me a pair of glove which i decline. 

"He doesn't speak English and our translator has left town for a few weeks." 

I groan out loud, fury building up inside of me. Why was nothing going right?

"Who do we know who is trust worthy enough?" I demand, grabbing the cold spanner off of the desk and fitting it into my palm. I twisted the weapon, getting used to the perfect sculpt of it. 

"No one, that is the problem, Sir. We can't get any answers if we don't know how to ask them." Felix bobbed his head obediently and i clenched my jaw.

"However, Sir. I do propose one option." He says.

I stop and stare at him curiously, waiting for him to speak again.

"The new girl. Scar. She speaks french-"

"Nope not going to happen." I cut in, waving him off.

"But think about it, right? She can translate and then go ho-"

"She is not getting involved in our issues." I boom before carrying on walking across the basement.

"Do you trust her?" Felix asked.

"Of course."
"Then why not?" 

"Felix, listen here. She is too pure and going through a lot right now. The last thing she needs is Sam Hatter in her head saying things that we don't know if she is translating correctly. He could bribe her and we would be no smarter." I bellow, glaring at him with a pointed look. Felix still looks smug as he peers over to Sam who his sitting in the corner of the room, observing us with fear.

Marching over to Sam, i drive the spanner into his head hard, earning a satisfying crack. His nose broke in three different places.

"Tell me what you know!" I demand, not caring if he understands or not. I have waited almost my entire life for this moment.

Sam's head is tossed violently to the side as i connect my fist to him, driving quickly and sharply. I was being careful not to knock him out as i drained the blood from him. Sam stares at me and then smiles, flashing his decaying teeth. He was not going to live and i didn't know how long i could last at playing nice.

"Get the girl." I yell to Felix angrily. The quicker i get the information, the quicker i get to kill the bastard.


(updating now- this was a quick introduction to a longer chapter next one. I am writing now so hopefully should be published in the next two hours- max) xx


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