The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


15. How?

After putting both children into bed, which proved to be very difficult after their excitement and adrenaline, Alessio and I snuck back into my room next door.

“So this will be tough to hear, Frankie. I know that, but I need to try and get some information.” Alessio smiled nervously, taking a seat on the end of my bed. I held my breath and nodded.

“Lily and a Victoria were chained to the walls in France, the basement of an empty house. 13 Manor House.” He announced and I nodded gently,

“But of course you already knew that.” He breathed out a sigh of worry. I nodded again, it being the only thing I could do without throwing up.

“They were bleeding but it wasn’t their blood. We tested it, it was yours.” He gulped, eyes observing my sickly expression.

I wanted to cry or make a reaction but my body forced me to listen and hear about the monster,

“Victoria was knocked out whereas Lily was awake and screaming. She was screaming about Le monstre aux yeux rouges? What was that about?”

“The red eyed monster. It was Ronnie, his eyes used to go red when he got mad so we called him the red eyes monster, not to his face obviously.” I mutter, eyes scanning everywhere but his face. I couldn’t bring myself to imagine one of Lily’s fits when someone couldn’t calm her down.

“We untied them, and thought that Victoria was dead at first because she didn’t respond.” He flinches, taking a sharp intake of breath before continuing on,

“She woke up and started talking to Lily in french, i think she was calming her down.”

“I saw them dead.” I bleakly whisper,

“My children? I watched them die.”

Alessio bowed his head down a little and then began again,

“Did you see their faces as they died?” Alessio asked quietly.

“Yes, i saw them struggle and go pale before Ronnie quickly took them away so i couldn’t nurse them back to health. They returned with bags on their head, in the corner of the room so i couldn’t get to them. I  was chained up.”


Alessio looked pained for a moment and swam in his own silence, trying to figure out the right words,

“We found two other girls in the next room. Bags over their head. One was stabbed and one was hung. We have reasons to believe Alessio framed your daughter's death.”

“Why would he do that?” I gasp, hand smacking to my mouth as the first tear fell from my eye. I watched two innocent little girls die, they probably had no connection to this drama- and they died.

“Well, we have been watching Ronnie for ten years now.” Alessio began, rustling his hands on the bed nervously.

“A few years ago, we heard there was a house fire. His wife, you, and his only daughter died, the rumours told us. We stopped looking for you and your children long after, only searching for him…”

There was another breath taking pause.

“Then we had a man come into his alliances and he saw you and the children were alive. We sent out an army to raid the house so of course Ronnie knew we had had some inside help. He slaughtered off our lead and then probably framed another death for your children, taking the video you saw the other day. We thought he would have killed you too.” He spits out, clearly disgusted with himself and his enemies actions.


My hand remained over my mouth, gobsmacked and frightened. Did they raid the house? Where was i?

“Our lead was the man giving you the contraceptive pill. That was the only thing we could smuggle into that house.” Alessio mumbled and the tears pricked faster in my eyes. I was happy, believe it or not. The man who helped me get through some stages in my life, was on Alessio’s side. He was a good guy. But, he died for me.

“Now, he had already signed up to die for you, Frankie. We all are. For some reason we thought that Ronnie’s wife would be just as wicked as him. We thought that you and him killed your children together, that-” He cut himself short, choking on a breath,

“You helped kill my family.”


I shook my head quickly and threw myself to the floor in front of him,
“Oh No! Alessio, i have never killed an innocent person.” I whisper quickly, hinting that i have killed in the past. Of course i have, how else would i have escaped?

“I had nothing to do with-”

He cut me off quickly,

“I know, we were too ignorant to realise he was oppressing his own family until he got the lead inside, i am so sorry we let another ten years add to your torture..”

His voice was hoarse as if he was trying not to cry. I grabbed his hands, kissing them gently and forcing myself to be strong.

“I am glad though. If we didn’t, i would have never met you or my children again. You are my hero… our hero, Alessio.”

My fingers gently brushed up his hand and further up his arm with a cheeky smile,

“I love you.”

His eyes widened as if it was the first time I had said it, a grin sliding onto his lips.

Gently, with my eyes closed, I Leant forward, pressing my lips to his. At first connection, I was hooked already. His kiss was like a poison, demolishing my mature thoughts.

Swiftly, his hands brought my body up to his lap, letting me straddle him in the kiss. I moaned slightly, wanting to speed things up.

I have been selfish in holding myself back.

“Slow down, Frankie. I want to take care of you.” Alessio mumbles into the kiss, his low voice turning me on dramatically. His hand brushes up my arm swiftly and a smile forms on my lips at the bliss of it.

“I want to feel and taste every inch of you.” He mischievously breathes out, stealing the oxygen from my lungs. If i wasn't perched on his legs, I would have surely dropped with weak knees. His lips crept down to my neck, gently sucking until I gasped out, sure there would be a mark.

His hands roamed down to my hips, resting their as mine clutched to the front of his shirt. Eager wasn't descriptive enough. My hands then began unbuttoning him, excited to feel underneath.

Alessio groaned with approval as his hands began working upon my dress, toying with the bottom bit. I smiled through the kiss which was now planted on our lips. We parted the smooch for seconds as the dress came off, our lips soon reattaching.

“Stunning.” Alessio growled, checking me out with his hands. I blushed and let my fingers roam over his abs, moaning with pleasure as his hand played with my breast in the bra.

He lightly traced over my nipple, stunning me into small gasps as I quickly became erect.

Though his eyes never left mine, he knew where to be heading for all the right spots. Gently, his lips found their way to my nipple, a deep gasp leaving my throat as he gently trails his tongue over it, leaving me soaking and shivering. A small nip at them followed by a deep suck got me clutching to his chest, crying out my excitement.

Curiously, his hand got lower and lower until it rest on my thigh, creating a mass of heat to flood to that area. His cold, large finger pressed against my small, burning pussy as he rubbed it gently through the material.

“It is not too late to back out now?” Alessio grins, knowing he has me where he needs me to be. I shake my head quickly, breathing heavily with anticipation. Swiftly, he removed my panties from my legs, hand then teasing at the top of my pussy, brushing against the small, stubbly pubic hairs. His grin grows as one finger then trails down between my lips and swipes it slowly before brushing back up towards my pleasure nub.

My head falls back and a lengthy moan releases from my mouth as he rubs in softly, circling it professionally. Another wave of heat flashes through me as my eyes flutter shut, biting my lower lip to prevent the screams.

“Let it all out, baby girl.” Alessio grins, rubbing a little bit harder which makes me gasp, hands clutching on his shoulders as he worked into my nerves.

“Oh! God!” I whimper out, my head rolling back and forth as the circular motion picks up speed and force. He begins going back and forth, coating his fingers in my juices as i squirm with bliss, beginning to move my hips. Suddenly, he flips us round so he is on top, head between my legs and just breathing on my pussy.

I feel myself clench and relax with anticipation as his finger carries on working, breath adding onto the longing for release.

“Alessio!” I moan out, squirming and shivering as he kisses my inner thigh teasingly. His finger then slipped downwards and inside of me suddenly which made me cry out my blessings. The pleasure shook through me, making my legs squirm about before being thrust apart by Alessio’s large shoulders.

I was stuck with my legs wide open and being teased by the orgasm king.

His tongue then swiped at my juices, making my hands quickly clench the sheets, searching for something to grip onto. He licked again, his rough tongue knocking the breath out of me. Quickly, he began to suck upon my clit, making my legs almost cave in. His finger started picking up the pace, circling around inside as his tongue ate me like i was his last supper.

“Alessio! Oh, fuck! F-ffuck!” I screamed, him pounding his two fingers in and out of my overly sensitive body as me sucked harshly upon my clit.

“I-i am gonn-gonna cum!” I whimper, withering around. My hand shoots from the sheets to his head as i try to pry his head away, stopping this overloading state. However, he didn’t budge so i tried shutting my legs which only arched myself inwards, giving him a better access to my clit.

“FUCCKKK!” I cry out, shaking my head back and forth as he pounded me harder and harder until i screamed out, crying with pleasure as i shook uncontrollably,



Once i had recovered from my high i turned to face him with a cheeky glint in my eye as i reached for his rock, hard member. However, he swat my hand away with a mischievous shake of his head,

“Nope, one thing at a time, Frankie.” He grinned and my jaw dropped.

“Let me taste you, Alessio. Please.”

My begging caused him to groan and grow even harder but his will was strong as he removed himself to take a cold shower. If only i could have joined him...

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