The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


12. Guess who?

Clumsily, i stumbled behind Alessio as he led us out of the room, my head pounding and the back of my throat burning. Everything still ached with agony from the pills, but i wouldn't admit this out loud.

"Rhine, please don't get mad." Alessio whispered as we stopped outside a sealed door. My heart sank and i cocked my head to the side,

"W-what?" I stuttered,

"What do you mean?"
Alessio nervously exchanged a look with Felix before scratching the back of his head with self loathing,

"They arrived here this morning. We have cleaned, fed and dressed them." He states and i grew more and more confused,

"Who? Alessio, you are scaring me. Who is in that room?" 

"You need to remain calm, i can explain all the details later. You will be too hyped to listen to anything now, Rhine." 

My eyes widened and my lower lip wobbled,

"Is there a person i know?"

"Two. Two little girls you love very much." Alessio smirked as my face fell. The tears pathetically fell down my face as i shook my head with fear. He couldn't be suggesting what i think he is?

Then, the door opened.

It was like a thousand bombs went off at once, murdering me inside and out but then shooting me back to life with joy. 

"Victoria! Lily!" I scream, racing into the room and grabbing my children tightly. Their faces lit up with excitement as tears flowed down their faces, hugging me back.

"Oh my girls! My gorgeous girls!" I cried, falling onto my back and hugging them as tight as i could. The pain pounded around my body, but it was a good pain.

"Mummy!" Lily squeaked, her small brown eyes staring up at me.

"Let me get a look at you both!" I wipe away the tears from my eyes, picking the girls up and standing them in front of me.

First, i cast my eyes over to my youngest child, Lily. Her small age of six making my body tingle and spasm with fear. Dark, ringlets were bruised underneath her eyes, tear stained and slightly dead. She was small, frightened and timid, yet she was dressed in the most gorgeous pale dress with a pink bow around her waist. 

Quickly, i scanned Victoria, her being nine and a little bit taller. She smiled weakly at me, her small hand resting upon my cheek as i observed her matching dress. 

"Wrists." I say, sniffling up the tears. Both, on cue, twisted their arms around to reveal only slight bruising. Less than i expected, it was a relief.


Both of them hitched up their skirts, covering their private parts, as i inspected their small legs. Nothing. 

"Daddy said he misses you." Lily's lower lips wobbles suddenly. It was like a low blow to the stomach as i peered up to my baby.

"Lily!" Victoria snaps, her little voice trying to sound brave but it croaking with fear,

"Daddy isn't nice to mummy."

My heart throbs at my eldest daughter standing up for me. Lily lowers her head sadly, pouting and a tear streaking down her face.

"Oh, no baby. Come here." I whisper, pulling Lily in for a closer hug, smoothing down her little brown locks,

"Victoria, have you been looking after your younger sister?"

She nods proudly, fiddling with her fingers and displaying some missing teeth,

"Yes. Daddy said i am just like you." 

Sickness rose in my throat again. Her innocence thought it was a compliment, but little did she know, she was going to be the next abused victim. I stifled back a cry as i felt her dress,

"It's pretty, mummy. Isn't it?"

"The best."
We never used to wear clothes with Ronnie, i just covered them with tissue, protecting their vulnerability.

"i will leave you guys to it then." Alessio's hoarse voice sounded from behind us. Quickly, i jumped up and wrapped my arms around Alessio, digging my head into his shoulders.

"Thank you, so much Alessio. Th-thank you!" I cried, his strong arms slivering around my waist as he takes a sharp intake of breath. From behind, Lily screams,
"Mummy No!"

She drops to the floor, whimpering and clumsily pulling herself away from me hugging Alessio. Victoria joins her, their sobs echoing around the room. Suddenly, i pull from Alessio running to my girls,

"No! No, girls. Babies, please!" I soothe, pulling their heads to my chest. Both of them were prone to severe panic attacks and if i didn't step in, it would be horrific.

"M-mummy! No, no men! Mmmmummy!" Victoria sobbed into my shirt, her little hands gripping at my arms again. Words couldn't describe the mental and physical trauma we all went through as a family.

"No again." Lily agreed, nodding but making the tears fall faster.

"I-i, er, i am sorry If i u-upset them." Alessio stuttered from behind. My eyes quickly scanned him and i gave my best smile and a warm look, but it most likely looked pathetically weak and scared,

"The last time i hugged a man..." I trailed off and hinting back to the story i had already told him. 

"One child?" I hinted and Alessio's face dropped, fists clenched and the veins stuck out of his neck. He looked angry, furious.

"Ronnie is a dead man, don't you worry." He growled before leaving the room suddenly. Finally, i was alone with my children in my room again. 

"Where are we, Mummy?" Lily whimpered, using her arm to wipe away the tears.

"This is going to be home for a while until mummy can find a safer place." I tell them softly, brushing their hair to the side as i kissed each of their foreheads.

"Who was that man?"

Victoria's small voice took me by surprise. She was such a brave, little girl that it hurt to hear her be weak.

"That man is called Alessio. He brought you two back to mummy, he is a good man." I nod, forcing myself to hold in the tears which threatened to spill.

"Is he a good hug-er?" Lily scrunched up her small eyebrows, knitting them into one. I frowned down at her with a smirk,

"What do you mean?"

"Well," She began, sitting herself down comfortably.

"You are a good hug-er and so is Victoria. Daddy and uncle Sam are not. So, is awessio a good hug-er?" 

The way she pronounced his name wrong sent flutters into my heart. Slowly but surely, i nodded,

"He gives the best hugs. Even better than Mummy!"

Victoria and Lily giggle, their tired faces tortuously yawning.

"Mummy, do you know what a plane is?" Victoria grinned, and Lily's face lit up with excitement,

"It is like a car but in the sky. We went on one to get here!"

Victoria looks over to her little sister with a disappointing scowl,

"I was going to say that." 

 Lily shrugs with a smug grin and glances over to me. I bite my lower lip, watching my little girls so full of life when i was convinced they were dead. 

Laughing, my head falls back, my eyes scraping over the alarm clock in the corner of the room. I couldn't believe my eyes, how had the day gone so quick.

"Right girls, get into bed. It is eight o'clock." I yawned, looking over to my children who lay on the floor. My heart lurched, of course! They have never lived in a real house.

"No, no, no." I tut with a grin, reaching out for each of their hands. Nervously, they stumble behind me as i point towards the bed. Victoria shook her head,

"That is for men, Mummy. Don't be silly." She giggled, her velvety voice making me smile.

"Not here, it isn't. Whatever men have, woman can have too!" 

"Even sit on a chair?" Lily lit up,

"And play with pens?" 

"A-aand.." Victoria began but i quickly cut her off with a soft loving voice,

"Anything you can think of that a man can do, a woman is allowed to do in this house."

Their faces light up as i jump onto the bed. Each of my daughters exchanged a look before nervously climbing up, crawling towards the top of the bed where i lay.

One either side of me, i wrap my arms around my children and have the best nights sleep a mother could possibly have.




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