The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


19. Follow up


When my eyes fluttered open and my finger trailed up the side of my empty bed, i knew something was wrong. Where was Alessio?

Cautiously, i climbed out of the cold blankets and ignored the pressure of guilt upon my body as i crept into the children's room. Both of them were still asleep, gently snoring in their beds. 

My eyes flickered over to their clock and it told me it was only three o'clock in the morning, sending ripples of irritation through me. Why was i awake?

Slowly, i crept over to Victoria, gently pulling her hair back from her face and then placed a kiss on her chubby little cheek. She stirred but then opened her mouth, snoring louder. A smile formed on my lips as Lily had the same response to my kiss.

I then left the room, happy that my children are safe and proceeded to try and find where Alessio was.

A dim light was burning in the shadows of floor five. Everywhere was pitch black, obviously making my skin prickle with fear and my stomach flutter with unease as i crept closer to the light.

The candle cast a warm shadow onto Alessio's hard face as he hung his head in his hands. Clearly, something was troubling him but he hadn't yet noticed me.

"Alessio?" I whisper, my voice coming out scared and quiet. He jolted upwards, stern faced and ready to attack but then soon calmed down when he saw me. It was freezing in this room and i regretted wearing my flimsy, laced night dress. 

"A-are you okay?" I try to reach a response from him again but his eyes glaze over. Then he quickly begins turning over the files on his desk, shielding my eyes from the names.

"What is it?"

I creep closer to him, cautiously keeping my eyes fixed onto the messy desk with paper and files everywhere. 

"You shouldn't be down here." He croaks, cold and harsh. I blink back the confusion,

"I w-was just checking on-"

"Go back to bed."

"But Alessio-" I tried reasoning but he wasn't having any of it.

"Go away!" 

His hand slammed on the desk, echoing the boom across the room and making the candle blow out with the force. I couldn't see him very well in this dark, cold room but i could make out his blank expression.

When did he turn so merciless again?

I turned to leave before grabbing the blanket from the side and crept back towards him. Hesitantly, i lit the candle, holding my breath with fear. Men like Alessio were set off on the slightest things.

Then, i opened the blanket and wrapped it around his stony body, tucking it around him carefully. Gently, i pressed my lips to his cheek,

"Good night then baby."

As i went to turn away, a hard hand closed around my wrist. Suddenly, i was twirled into Alessio's lap.

"Stay." He whispered, voice sounding hoarse as if he was going to cry. His arms wrapped around my body, pulling my legs around his waist and my head resting in the crook of his neck. I breathed in his scent, he smelt of sweat but i didn't care, it smelt oddly attractive. 

"I love you, Frankie." He whimpers into my hair, his breathing becoming suddenly heavy. The guilt doubles within my stomach, the butterflies vibrating and crashing into all my organs, making me feel sick. Does he know that Christian came to visit me?

"I love you too, baby." 

His arms tighten then loosen around me as his lips kissed my forehead, purely for his own satisfaction. 

"Why are you down here alone in the cold?" I say, shuffling away from him to grab his reaction.

I burrow my eyebrows until they knit into a long frown,

"At this time of night?" 

"Yeah, i work most nights."

I sigh, pressing a small kiss to his lips and pulling back,

"Tell me what is really wrong." 

He stays silent for a long moment, eyes never meeting mine. Until, his dark orbs flicker into mine,

"What are you hiding from me?" He whispers, his hand coming around to hold my head in place. Something inside of me dies and shivers away. Did he know? Would he punish me?


I played innocent, something in his eyes giving it away that he was genuinely lost for my games.

"You seem distant." He accuses and i quickly turn it back around to him,

"You are the one sitting alone in a dark, cold room in the middle of the night." 

He smiles weakly, casting his eyes past my head. Alessio and i swim in our own silences for what feels like ages.

"We are moving." He finally blurts out. 


My heart begins to accelerate. Only if there was something wrong, that he would be worried about moving houses.

"It's not safe here anymore." He points out, stroking my hair soothingly. My eyes must have bugged out of my head because he chuckles.

"What do you mean?" 

"Someone among my ranks is not loyal." He growls, eyes flickering into the distance as he glares off somewhere,

"This traitor is feeding back information to my enemies and now Ronnie has gained our location..."

I felt light headed and sick, panic spreading through my body quicker than the fire that swallows up my hope. 

"W-who? Who would do such a thing!" I gasp out, fingers clutching onto his t-shirt. Hesitantly, his eyes look up to meet mine sadly,

"Frankie Victoria Waller, you are under arrest for treason." 



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