The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


5. dreams


There was blood. Too much blood.

In my line of work, I liked to see a lot of blood for the guilty. But for the innocent? That was another story.

Scar, though I knew she was not answering my questions truthfully, did not hold the air of guilty. She was insane, I would give her that much, but not worthy to bleed to death. My heart lurched out for her, something pulled me towards this woman and didn’t make me blood thirsty. It couldn’t be love, love didn’t exist. Would it be acceptable to blame lust?

Even then, that wasn’t me. Not who I was.

She was immediately rushed into my top class hospital room, and operated on. The doctors say it was an old wound which had reopened but were heavily concerned about other marks on her body.

“A sinister case of abuse” One doctor had said before gagging on a thought. They couldn’t figure any patterns with the abuse but one thing was sure. This woman was running from something extremely dangerous. Mental, sexual and physical assault.

“An impossibly risky C-section.” The open wound was described as. It made me sick. They ran scans on her as well, just in case- on my orders, of course.

She had had two miscarriages and a C-section, meaning she had a child. The scar had been reopened constantly, one doctor had said. She was certain that it was a form of abuse.

This woman was not as innocent as I thought. She clearly had a past, a bad one too.



My eyes fluttered open suddenly, an overwhelming numbness forcing a pleasurable buzz to ring through me. There was no pain, only a happy tingling. I felt drugged, drunk and stoned all at once.

“Scar?” A voice ringed through the silence. I frowned,

“Who’s Scar?”

And then I remembered. I am Scar. Well, not legally, but that is my current name.

“Scar? It’s Alessio. How are you feeling?” A voice which followed a beautiful face whispered.

“I’m scared, Alessio.”

That came from nowhere. My words were not connected to my brain. I sounded small, weak and full of fear- but that is who I am behind the mask.

“I don’t want to run anymore. You know?” I whimpered, struggling to keep my eyes open. He reached his hand to my face and I flinched, before cuddling into it. All I wanted is something to protect me for once, to hug me, and love me. I didn’t ask for my husband or this life. Alessio hasn’t hurt me yet. Drugged me, sure. But unlike my husband, he didn’t let me bleed.

“Who are you running from, Scar? Please, I want to help you.” He begged, a warming emotion in his voice. A tear dripped down my face and he quickly wiped it away,

“I can’t tell you, i-I caant tell you.” I sniffled, shaking my head. He ran his fingers through my hair.

“I want to but I can’t.”

Alessio nodded and then went to pull away. I clutched on tighter,

“Please don’t leave me. They will find and hurt me.”

“What do you mean?” Alessio now looked taken aback.

“My husband and his friends.”

Alessio growled and his fists tightened under me,

“Your own husband hurt you like this?”

He sounded repulsed, I wouldn’t blame him. I am an ugly mess.

“Please don’t hate me.”

“Why would I hate you for his disgusting fucking actions?” He fumed. I could feel the tightened veins and throbbing ache of his clenched muscles.

“You will hate me soon enough.”

And on that note, I fell asleep.

I was now in a bed. At least, that’s what I think it was.

There were no cold stones digging and scratching at my skin, no rough hands which forced my body into submission or my merciless screams which echoed in my dreams. There was no pain?

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