The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


3. Caught

Startled, Scar awoke on a large soft thing, surrounded by a strange room. Her body immediately threw herself to the floor, scared of the wooden frame with a squishy thing and a long, draping material. What was it?

She looked to the ground and instead of cold, hard floor, there was warm, fuzzy carpet; a shriek fell from her lips. Scared, her eyes saw a gold table in the corner of the room followed by a golden chair with a strange, plump thing on the seat of it.

Unbeknown to her, she was being watched by Alessio through the camera she hadn’t spotted yet. His eyes squinted as she chucked herself off the bed and stared at everything as if it was the first time she had seen it. Slowly, he was trying to find out more about this woman, investigating her through pure curiosity. He stared at her as she shrieked out in terror, watching as her makeup was streaked by tears.

“Sir?”  A voice interrupted his stalking. Quickly, he exited the camera, and turned around on his chair to face Felix, one of his most trusted men.


“We have talked to the witnesses and they are not giving any statements to the police. The crime scene was cleared before they got there, I personally made sure of that myself.” He beamed, nodding his head obediently.

Alessio nodded, standing up from his chair and marching around to see him.

“What was the names of the men shooting?” He demanded, staring into Felix’s eyes.

“We have names but the only one that is registered as a repeated offender is Phillip Hatter, Sam Hatter’s son. He was the one that the girl shot down on the bus. She has a good eye, his pistol was pretty small. Would have only injured you, not killed.”

Alessio let out a massive growl,

“That makes it all okay then? You should have been there, following him.”

“Actually, that was Adam’s job, and you know that.” Felix teased, grinning towards Alessio. Pissed off, Alessio hung his head and then turned, fully punching the wall. A hole was immediately formed after a loud crash of bricks.

“It’s been ten years and we are still no closer into finding Ronnie and his family!” Screamed Alessio, his fury building up dramatically. Felix’s eyes glared towards the hole and then he sighed,

“One day, Alessio. One day.”

Alessio’s eyes glowered over again,

“I need information. Find Sam Hatter. That is the bastard we need right now. His son has been killed, he will want revenge and will come find us. We just need to get to him first.”

Felix nodded before gesturing towards the screen at Scar. She was laying on the floor, panic written across her face as she pressed her back against the wall, trying not to touch the carpet.

“What’s with her?” Felix grinned and Alessio rolled his eyes with a grunt,

“She knew how to shoot a gun pretty well. Isn’t that suspicious?”
“Not really. Many people know how to shoot nowadays.”

Alessio smacked his forehead,

“Not as well as she could. She told me she was on the run from someone. I need to make sure that she is safe.”

“Because…. Because that is what we do as a company. Protect the innocent, Felix. Besides, she could be a handy team player. She predicted the attack. I think she knows something more than what she makes out.” He blurted, blabbering on more to reassure himself than anyone else. Felix grinned mischievously,

“Well, I mean she is stunning too. Do you think that effected your judgment?”

“Are you accusing me of kidnapping a pretty woman just because of her looks?” Alessio growled and Felix took a wary step backwards,

“So you agree? You think she is attractive?”

“Of course she is! Even a blind man could tell her beauty, but no one is to make move on her under my roof? Tell the men. She is no more than an innocent victim that we need to help. If I catch anyone imposing-“

“Got it! Don’t go all threatening on me. I got the news. Wait- does this mean you can’t make a move on her either?”

“Get out!” Alessio boomed, his voice echoing off the walls. Felix grinned and skipped backwards, his large frame making it look oddly funny.

“Go get her tiger.” He winked before escaping the room, a vase smashing at the door besides him. 

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