The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


9. cant think of a title


My heart ached in my chest when I found out Rhine was Ronnie’s wife. I had sworn vengeance on the entire family, thinking she knew about my families death. However, she didn’t mention anything about it. She was completely terrified, tearful and emotional when she found out i was her husbands enemy. 

My entire body quivered with guilt when she hugged me tightly and cried. Her small frame against mine, had me unwillingly wrapped around her little pinkie finger. A pang of relief and pain shot through me as I watched her. She has to be the most powerful, caring and loving person in the world in order to suffer this much and still be capable of loving something. My mind was slowly only functioning when she was around- and that terrified me.

This woman was making me feel human again. 

I had witnessed first-hand the love Rhine has for everyone, even who do her wrong. I would have slaughtered that man back in the room if I was her, instead she sliced his arm and then hesitated. She had control. I didn’t and i envied her for it.

My head thumped with the images of Rhine, no matter what i thought about. This woman was dangerously attractive and never left my thoughts, but seeing her with a rage… I couldn’t keep it in my pants! Her anger flashed over so quickly the minute she laid eyes upon Sam, it scared me. Nothing ever scares me.

I longed to protect this woman and wife her as my own, as selfish as that made me, i needed her too much to let go.

I went to see her that same afternoon, i couldn't concentrate on anything but seeing her again.

"Knock, knock." I said as i opened the door to her room. What i saw, would remain an image in my mind for the rest of my life. She was wearing skimpy pyjama shorts and one of my shirts.That was it.

I could see her large breasts pressing through the material and it was a major turn on. She sat on the bed, transfixed into a book as her alluring eyes scanned the pages carefully, taking in everything she read.

"Good book?" I broke her from her trance and she jumped a little. It brought a smirk to my face to see her so vulnerable and gorgeous.

"Yeah, it is." She smiled, the freckles on her nose dancing out at me under this warm lighting.

"Mind if i come in?" 

"No, sure."

Her little smirk was hypnotising enough to lure men to their death, let alone her entire figure and being.

"How has your day been." She politely asks and this earns a slight provocative grunt from me.

"Okay, i guess. I couldn't think."

"Oh Why?" 

She crawls up onto her knees, sitting on her thighs with a cute little frown as she puts the book on the dresser. 

"I couldn't stop thinking about you." I grin at the blush which heats up her cheeks. Hesitantly, i sit on the end of the bed, watching her lustful eyes as she crawls up to me. 

"And i couldn't stop thinking about you!" She exclaims sweetly before crawling onto my lap. I felt myself harden as she sits her bottom onto my legs and looks up at me,

"Thank you." She whispers, kissing my lips gently.


I never recall thanking him. Seductively, i crawled onto his lap and kissed his lips softly. It was only quick but i didn't know how to say thank you to someone.

"Rhine, you don't have to than-" He began but i kissed his lips again. Selfishly, i wanted more. I wanted to feel a real man, and love someone who loves me back. Was it desperate that i wanted to speed up the process?

He kissed back, slipping his tongue into my mouth as we fought for dominance, him winning. Gently, his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer until i was sitting on his throbbing manhood , digging straight into my sensitive areas.

"Oh!" I gasp softly, the shock of pleasure frightening me. Quickly, i pulled out of the kiss and looked down between my legs with a fear indescribable,

"Shit, i am sorry, Rhine. I didn't mean to push you!" Alessio automatically takes blame, beginning to gently push me off. I wrap my arms around his neck to prevent the separation and i shake my head quickly,

"It's not you!" I whimper,

"I, er... I just, i felt something s-strange?"

Heat flooded to my cheeks as i looked at Alessio who is staring at me with amusement,

"Can you describe it?" He challenges and i shrug,

"Like a tingling. It feels nice."

Alessio's hands gently rest onto my hip as he strangely grounds my hips onto hip. An involuntary whimper falls from my lips,

"Like this? Is this what it feels like?" Alessio smugly grinned at me as i nodded quickly,

"Yeah! How did you know?"
My gasp became more of a lengthy moan as he thrust gently upwards, applying a lot more pressure onto me. 

"Oh, God Alessio!" I cried out, my head falling onto his shoulder as his breathing became heavy and his boner stood fully erect.

"You are so sensitive." Alessio smirked, enjoying this experience as he switched positions. Laying me on the bed, he swiftly opened my legs, making the tingling feeling worse. I moaned out a complaint from the loss of pressure as my fingers clutched onto the sheets.

"Can i touch you, Rhine?" Alessio's wide eyes kindly looked down at me. Despite his control, i could see the hunger building as he strained himself away. I nodded but Alessio still wouldn't move,

"I need to hear you say the words Rhine, please." 

"You can touch me, Alessio." I smiled innocently, his body tensing up as he lower his lips down to mine, linking them in a strong kiss. His big hands crept up my body, feeling around to wherever he wanted, feeling too blissful to be true. Little mumbles kept falling from my lips as his hands gently slivered over the past bruises and wounds.

"Do they hurt?" He brought me out of my little bubble of pleasure. 

"No." I lied, wishing he would carry on. 

"We should stop before you do something you will regret." 

Alessio quickly pulled back from me, pained. My breathing was erratic and i struggled to keep it under control,
"Alessio! Are you going now?" I whisper, afraid of an answer. 

"Of course not. But, being with you is making me lose control, Rhine. I will never hurt you, on my honour, but i cant promise i can always stay in control of my lustful thoughts." He groans and in between my legs, the tingling starts again.

( i really wanted to write a sex scene but i keep getting reported for them, so it is up to you to comment if you want one or not)

"Can we cuddle?" I whisper, crawling backwards towards the beginning of the bed. Tired after a long day, all i wanted to do is sleep.

"Of course we can, Rhine."
Alessio crept over to me, his body screaming horny yet his eyes telling me he is okay. I tuck myself into the covers and Alessio does the same before pulling me close to his body. My head leans on his chest, our legs in a tangle of limbs.

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