The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


18. Breach


"Sir, there has been a breach in our security system." Felix insists as he bursts through the door. 

I peer up at him from the papers i was reading and observe his calm attitude despite his dramatic entrance.

"Someone had managed to disable the cameras." He explains as i burrow my eyebrows together.

"Who was it?"

It wasn't unusual for people to try and attempt this, however, it was strange for people to succeed. 

"We are not sure. There was no damage caused and there has been speculation it was just a computer error."

"so they are running again?" I ask, getting annoyed that he would inform me over a little malfunction in the settings.  Felix nodded a little guiltily. I looked back down to my papers, reading along about the history of Ronnie.

"Ronnie is getting closer and closer to here." Felix states, crossing his arms in a threatening way. I took no notice and merely sighed.

"He wants his wife and children back."

This caught my attention. Of course he would want them back, they are the most amazing things to ever happen to any man. Ronnie's desire is just as strong as mine to keep them.

"Tough. They are mine now." I shrug, showing no emotion.

Felix sighed, clearly aggravated by my short responses as he sits down on the chair in front of me.

"We have a snitch in our ranks." He suddenly blurts. This caught my attention.

"Ronnie has been finding out more and more information about us since the children arrived." Felix said, worry laced thick into his voice,

"We never told him we found the children. He could have guessed, but the exact location as to where they are? That was no luck." 

I held my breath and tried to remain calm.

"What do you propose?" 

"We either get to him before he gets to us, or we move Frankie and the girls to another location."  He grumbles, not too happy with either of the ideas. Ronnie was a quick killer, i however, loved my torture; this war would be interesting.

"Where is he located?" I asked, favouring the first option.

"We do not know. Our inside men have all been killed off. All we know is that he is close because the death toll in this area has doubled." 

I let out a breath i wasn't aware i was holding.

"When shall we move the girls?" I grumble, putting my head in my hands. Neither option was safe, but to move the family away from the deaths was a more sufficient method. 

"Two days. We will make sure that Ronnie is defiantly sure of where we are first."

I nodded half halfheartedly. All i could think of was how the girls will never be able to have a normal life as long as Ronnie is alive.


"Alessio?" Frankie mumbles my name as she cuddles into me. I smile down at her and kiss her forehead gently,


She looked lost in thought for a moment as she bit her lower lip,

"Could i take the girls shopping soon?" 

I took a sharp intake of breath. The security threats were way to high but i didn't want to worry her too much,

"Everything you need can be ordered from here." 

Her eyes dim a little and something clicks in her facial expression, like she just discovered something strange,

"Even for the experience?" She tries again and i sigh into her hair, loving the smell of it.

"Maybe another time. I could join you if you would like?" 

I tried to compromise but i could tell she didn't want me there. Whatever reason it was, she had already decided on this conversation. 

"Why do you ask?" I say, a little more eager for talking. She shrugs and cuddles back into me,

"Just wondering."

I feel like i should press more but she clearly doesn't want to talk as she snuggles in closer. Was this her plan though?

"How are the girls?" I ask gently as i stroke her hair. She moans with delight from my caresses before responding,

"They are good. School is really expanding their vocabulary! Lily came home and said that she was feeling very sagacious!"

Her chuckle made me smile as i could imagine little Lily using a big word like that for her age group.

"I heard they are doing well, that is really good."  

"yeah. Who knew my girlies were so clever?" 

"They take after their mother then." I flirt teasingly, trailing my hand up and down her back now. Frankie lifts her head with a cheeky smirk and kisses me on the lips, lingering longer than usual- not that i was complaining. I groan into her kiss, already love drunk as i pull her closer to me, head dizzy with lust.

"I love you Alessio." She whimpers, kissing me again for a pure smooch, nothing more, nothing less. Frankie's body was tensed up as if she was constantly on guard and it worried me.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" I whispered against her lips, my hands gently roaming around her hips. She nods hesitantly,

"I'm fine." 

I pull back,

"What is wrong?"

"Nothing, I promise." She pleads, eyes big and straining her head towards me for a kiss. 

"I don't believe you."

"Alessio, please just kiss me." 

I observe her for a few more seconds before gently pressing my lips to hers. She sighed into the kiss, wrapping her arms around my neck. 

She wasn't fine, i knew that but right now, she didn't want to talk. If my baby needed a kiss instead, i will give her just that. 

Her little moans caught me off guard as my hands rested on her lower back. Her eagerness thrilled me but at the same time worried me even more, something was easily wrong and i wouldn't make her do something she will regret when whatever has happened has blown over. 

"Alessio." She breathed out heavily, panting with lack of breath. My name on her lips was a massive turn on but i couldn't give in to my morality. 

"Please give me more." 

Her begs drove my member to stand firm and hard, but i forced my mind to ignore it. I was trained to control my mental and physical strains, but with Frankie, it wasn't as simple.

"Frankie, you are hiding something from me." I state simply, refusing to give her what she wants if she doesn't return the favour. 

Her eyes dim and she freezes in her lustful slumber. It was like something came back to her as her breathing quickly regulated and she laid her head down on my chest, listening to my heart beat.

"I love you." She whispers softly, the quietness almost passing my ears. But i heard it and those three words in her small voice, echoed around my mind for the entire night.

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