The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


2. Bang Bang

His fury soon turned into astonishment as he saw a man lying on the floor, clutching onto his little pistol.

“How did you know?” He growled, suddenly turning on her, face dead with another emotion stained onto him. There was a background noise of screaming and wailing children as people evacuated the bus, crying out for their lives but she was used to the chaos.

“A feeling. Now duck.” She smiled. He glowered at her, looking at her as if she was crazy before the glass window next to them shattered into a thousand pieces. A bullet had pierced the side, followed by a couple more and screaming.

She lifted for her gun, quickly squatting behind a bus seat and took an aimed shot at one of the shooters. She worked alone, so she had no worry about murdering one of her people. Her eyes roamed over to Alessio who just shot five people down dead, with six shots.

“Impressive.” She yelled over to him and he glared at her, wondering what the fuck was wrong with this crazy chick. However, he grinned and regained his breathing patterns,

“How many more are there?” He yelled over the sound of screaming and crying. Scar waited a while, listening out for something in the distance.

“Two I think. One behind a red car and the other is under the black bike. Both have rifles.” Her eyes scanned the area, chaos following her no matter where she goes. Skilfully, she fired two shots.

“Okay they are dead.”

She bounced upwards.

“Get down, you idiot! How do you know they are all gone?” He shouted at her, reloading his gun as his eyes pierced through her.

“There was only ten men. We have five minutes before other soldiers find their location and find us. Let’s go. Now!”

Her bag was thrown over her shoulder as she quickly climbed out from all the rubble and glass shatters around her. Alessio followed her warily, intrigued and yet grateful that this being saved his life.

“Stupid!” He growled under his breath. How could he had let himself be so vulnerable and out in the open?

Fluently, he swore under his breath as he jumped from the bus, kicking a piece of door that was left in the mess. However, his eyes soon left the rubble and peered up to Scar who was leading the way professionally, her long legs leading up to her shapely bottom. He couldn’t believe his luck. If someone was going to save him, it certainly wouldn’t have been by this goddess.

He was going to object and demand Scar for answers but something screamed at him that they needed to get out first; she knew a lot more about what was going on than he did- this frightened him a little.

“I know a place we can go to.” Alessio declared, determined to take control. She eyed him warily,

“What makes you think I would go with you?”

He smiled sadistically, eyes searching the area before a buzzing in his pocket brought him out his little world. Scar went to turn around but Alessio suddenly grabbed her arm, firmly holding her in place- she couldn’t escape even if she tried. His aim was better than hers and she knew she wouldn’t make it out alive after this. Prison would definitely be an option- that, or being found by the people she was on the run from.

Alessio gave her a wary glare before answering the phone.

“Felix?” His gruff voice gave away his annoyance.

Scar heard mumbling on the other end and she kept watch of the area, knowing that they were probably safe in this building but they needed to get out of there soon- just to be safe.

“Yeah, you think? I almost had my fucking head blown off!” He yelled down the phone with a seething anger that Scar could only describe as the past she was escaping from. She couldn’t suppress the shiver.

Alessio’s eyes darted to Scar as her eyes closed when he began swearing. His voice immediately softened before he demanded a few more things and then ended the call.

“You need to come with me.” He ordered, pointing his finger at her and then pulling her in the direction of the road. She shook her head,

“No, I need to go. Besides, people will see us on the road.”

She struggled but he didn’t even flinch,

“Tuff. You have nowhere to go. Thank you for saving my life but I can’t let you go knowing you have seen all you have seen tonight.”

“No!” She screamed out, thrashing around. Men like him thrived on fear and she was letting herself be weak. She couldn’t be hostage to another man.

“Scar, you are not safe out here!” Alessio growled, pulling her quickly closer, forcing her arms by her side, squashed in between his hard chest and muscular arms. A tear slipped down her cheek as she struggled, shaking her head. The fear coursed through her veins,
“P-pplease! Let me go, Alessio! I don’t want to go with you!” She cried out.

Alessio frowned down at her, shaking his head. He never felt pity before in his life, however, something began burning within his stomach, making him feel uneasy. She went to scream out but it didn’t last long before Alessio shoved something onto her mouth and everything became dark.

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