The girl

She was heavily neglecting her sanity as she fled from her past....
Straight into the arms of her husbands sexy enemy.

Mature. War and Mafia's are brought up, with rape, sex, violence and disturbing scenes younger viewer's may find frightening.


21. Awake

"Mummy?" Lily's voice filled my dreams followed by a small hand stroking my hair. 

"Leave her alone, Lily. Mummy will wake up soon. She always does." Victoria told her little sister off with a hoarse mumble before returning to whatever she was doing. My body felt heavy and tired yet my mind was screaming and awake.

"B-but," Lily stuttered.

"Listen to your sister, sweetheart. Mummy will be very tired right now." I hear Alessio agree before Lily's hand fell from my face. I wanted to cry out and make her touch me again but i couldn't move my body or make any sign of being awake. 

"Alessio?" Victoria pipes up,

"Why didn't you tell us that you and Loch were brothers?" 

I knew it. My body wanted to lurch and throw up but i couldn't.

"I didn't think it was really necessary." He mumbles and i hear Lily giggle,

"Loch is a very nice man. He helped mummy when we were little." 

Alessio went silent before whispering,

"Do you remember him?"

"Not really. Mummy used to talk about him though. She liked him." Lily said carelessly and i held my breath. I never really thought about how i shaped my children's mind with the words i said.

"That's good." Alessio strains, and i wish i could smile about how he was getting jealous over me with another man. Does that mean he still cares for me?

"I think she loved him." Lily says and at this point i desperately needed to wake up. I wanted to clarify that i love Alessio. Needed to state that Loch was not a love, merely a crush because he was so kind to me during my darkest days.

"No!" Victoria whined. Finally, at least one child had some sense.

"She loved daddy!"

Or maybe not. 

"Why do you think that?" Alessio says calmly but i could easily detect the anger brimming within him. He doesn't think i care for him.

"Because why else would she have children with him? Dur..." Victoria responds childishly, irony dripping in her voice at her innocence. I hear Alessio chuckle and it soothes me a bit to see he understands the darker truth behind her naive little ways. 

"But Daddy used to hurt mummy a lot. That isn't love." Lily defends me and i hold my breath trying not to cry as a wobble in her voice indicates her sadness.

"Yes." Alessio agreed. I heard Lily sniffle a little as she held back the tears like a strong warrior,

"M-mummy hated daddy, Victoria. She will never love him."

My heart lurched for her as she whimpered.

"Come here, darling." Alessio whispers before i hear her hug him and begin sobbing. He soothes her, stroking her hair ( i would imagine) as he plants his lips on her forehead and tells her everything will be okay. 

"I miss mummy!" Sobs Lily as Alessio kisses her forehead.

"Lily, Grow up." Victoria hisses at her sister,

"Mummy is always asleep like this. She will wake up... eventually." 

Victoria started off so strong and heartless but then it became obvious she was just as worried as her younger sister. I felt her gaze on me and then heard her sniffle up her pride and continue playing with her barbies.

Good girl. I wanted to reach out and hug her for being so strong and brave.

"You know it is okay to worry sometimes." Alessio states and i know this caught Victoria's attention,

"What do you mean?"

"To cry. To be upset or scared. It is all perfectly normal." 

"Not it's not." 

"Yes it is. I can promise you, even the scariest people have been terrified once in their lives."

There is a long silence before Victoria pipes up,

"Have you ever been scared?" 

"Of course. I will tell you a secret." Alessio says and i hear Victoria stand up and walk closer towards him eagerly.

"The most frightened i have ever been is almost losing your Mummy." 

I hear the sad tone in his voice and it breaks me. A tear trickles down the side of my face but they hadn't noticed i yet.

"So... you are frightened now?" Lily squeaks, joining in on the conversation.

"I am always scared, Lily. Whenever i see your mummy look away from me, or stop talking or does something abnormal, i become overwhelmed with fear of losing her..." He trails off and my heart beats quicker and faster until i was almost certain a heart attack was going to occur.

"Do you love mummy?" Victoria  asks him gently and there is no hesitation within Alessio's voice,

"More than any thing in the world."

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door and i hear someone walk in.

"Alessio?" Loch's voice is heard. 


Alessio is harsh and tense, his voice becoming emotionless like he shuts off all form of expression when someone else comes into the scene.

"It is nine o'clock. The children need to sleep." Loch says nervously and i could almost make out Alessio's glares,

"I will decide that, not you." He spits.

I felt a flame light within my heart at Alessio's protection, but the children should be in bed at this time.

"I can tuck them into bed if you want?" Loch offers but Alessio growls,

"No one is taking these girls anywhere without me, got it?" 

Although he was being rude, his protective side awoke things within my body that an unconscious person shouldn't feel.

"Are you tired, girls?" Loch asked the children and they both, in unison, responded,


I could make out Alessio's smirk but then Lily yawned, giving away her lie. 

"That was a yawn of boredom." Victoria nodded, lying for her sister. I wanted to tell the girls they can trust Loch, though they never met him, i trusted him with them. But, Alessio was more reliable...

Wait why aren't i still in jail?

"I will take them to bed then." Alessio demands as i hear him stand up, Lily and Victoria giggling. If Alessio was to tuck them into bed, they would easily take advantage of his next-to-no-knowledge for bed time. Easily, they would end up playing with their toys for hours.

"I can stay here with Frankie and keep her safe." Loch insists.

"No!" Alessio growls but then corrects his threatening manner in front of the children,

"I mean, i would rather we let her sleep in peace."

My heart fluttered. He wanted to be with me but also there for the children- this was easily the man i was in love with.

"I won't wake her up unwillingly, brother. I promise you." Loch tries again and Alessio grunts, trying to control his brimming anger.

"I said-" He began but then Lily yawned again, indicating how sleepy she was.

"Fine, whatever. Come on girls... Oh and Loch, if you ever lay a finger on her..." Alessio trailed off threateningly into silence. I think there was a mutual nod between them both before Alessio vanished with my children. 

"He loves you, you know." Loch says to me, as if he understands i could hear him. 

I feel him sit next to me on the chair and he takes my hand, kissing it gently. I felt sick. His lips shouldn't be on me, yet i was overly sensitive and enjoyed this touch.

"Frankie," He whispers out,

"I am so sorry i couldn't find you sooner."

I wanted to smack him and hurt him really bad like it hurt when he "died".

"Ronnie found out there was a mole and of course he caught me giving you the pills. He hung me, if you were awake now, you would see the scars around my neck..." He trailed off,

"He resuscitated me because i knew too much about Alessio to be killed off instantly."

I felt a pressure on my stomach and i knew it was his hanging head,

"I wanted to come back but i couldn't risk being killed otherwise, we wouldn't have found you again. I was the only lead into your house." 

Now, my anger was replaced with relief. He was going to try and save me, but he didn't. 

I escaped myself and put myself on that bus in the beginning. The anger returned. 

My children could have been freed earlier, led a happy and simple life, instead of that tortured one. 

"I love you, Frankie. I see you have moved on, but i just wanted to let you know, i will never stop loving you." He murmured and i felt my hand twitch back to life.

At that point, the breath knocked into my system and i shot up out of the bed, panting and spluttering. My hands grasped onto the sheets as i coughed up, doubling over.

"Baby!" Loch smiles warmly as i gasp a painful breath in,

"D-don't call me that..."

He looks pained and exhausted but i pay him no notice. Quickly, i swing my legs over the side of the bed and push myself onto my feet. I wobble, being unstable from the numbness of them and Loch grabs me, steadying me.

"Oh!" I gasp,wanting to push away from him but not being strong enough to stand alone.

"Where are you going so quickly?"

He looks hurt again, not being very good at masking his emotions- unlike his brother.

"My children. I always put them to bed." 

"Oh right. Of course." He nods politely, taking my arm and helping me to the door. I stumble next to him, regaining some feeling in my feet.

I peek my head around the door to see Alessio laying in the middle of Lily's bed, reading a story. Lily has already fallen asleep, hugging onto him, and Victoria looks half gone as she curls up besides him.

How did he put them to sleep so quickly? 

"Little rabbit foo foo, riding through he forest..." Alessio read, frowning as he follows the words of my favourite children's book. I smiled, happy that he is getting on so well with the children. Then he yawns and snuggles in closer to the girls, wrapping his arms around them, still not aware that we are watching. 

There is raw happiness in his eyes as the girls snuggle closer to him and he smirks proudly to himself.

However, his expression soon changes when he rests eyes on us. A massive blush crept across his cheeks as his eyes roamed everywhere but meeting mine. I bit my lower lip and resisted the urge to kiss him as he crept out of bed and carried Victoria to her own bed.

"Love you, Alessio." She mumbled in her sleepily state, he smiles and whispers something in her ear which makes her chuckle. Then, he awkwardly leaves the room, with us close behind.

"Hey, baby girl." Alessio whispers, trying not to wake the girls up.

I couldn't stop smirking at him, the desire perhaps being obvious in my eyes because Alessio kisses me suddenly. Swiftly, i pull myself out of Loch's arms into Alessio, using him as my leverage to keep myself from falling. Alessio's large arms swept me off my feet and i chuckled into the kiss as he carried us away. 

"Urm, i guess i should get going." Loch awkwardly calls after us.

My hand presses against  Alessio's firm chest as i give him a knowing look. He shrugs and leans in for another kiss which i move my head away from,
"He is your brother. Lend him a room for a few nights." 

Alessio grunts, clearly not too happy with this decision; however, his mind soon changes as i peck his lips hungrily. 

"Floor 3, room 26. Stay with us for a while... Night." He said it all so quickly before slamming his lips back down on mine again as he backs us out of the room. I felt guilty for kissing him because Loch just admitted he still loved me despite the fact i am dating his brother. However, he was my boyfriend. What did he expect?





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