My Killer Love

Winter is a scaredy-cat. Not very tall for his age at 23. He stands 5'3 feet with pitch black hair and clear deep blue eyes. No one can hate his innocent, scared, cat behavior. Not even the trained right-hand of the most feared mafia in America, whom Winter quickly becomes attached to, when he learns who the mafia man really is.

Cain is tall, like very tall. He is 6'7 feet, chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes, almost black. With only his 29 year, Cain is fear among the country. No one can order him around, sometimes not even his boss and childhood friend. That is until, Cain meats a certain small, black haired guy, with the most innocent eyes and soul.

How will such a uncommon pair make it, in a world full of blood and war? Will Winter maintain his innocent, will Cain keep on being ad feared as before and will it even work out in the end?
WARNING!!! This book will contain boyxboy sex, so if no like, no read. Violence and torture will also occur. Please don't copy anything.


3. Chapter 3; New way, new fun

Cains pov


I can't forget their facial expression. They were so scared. Ugh, it almost gave me a boner. The expression of the once I kill and their family are the best, and one of the reasons I love my job. If you are wondering what I work as, then I'll gladly tell you. I am the right-hand of the biggest mafia bosses. Quit impressing, right.

And because I was bored of 'normal' killing, I found a way to make it more interesting. I came up with the idea of using the killer clowns as a cover, and may I say killing became much more fun. We were allowed to dress up, wear masks, make-up if we wanted, do that crazy laugh and just go completely berserk on whoever our victim was. Like Christmas eve, total childs play.

Oh, I haven't introduced myself. My apology. My name I Cain. I am 29 years old, but if I have to say myself, then I don't look like it. My chocolate brown hair and very dark eyes, catches the ladies eyes easily. Some call me a ladies' man, but whatever. I am not interested. I am very built, it kind of comes with the job. Many people looks up to me, like literally. I am 6'7 feet tall. A lot of people are intimidated by me as well. Because of my height and so on. I am a very powerful man. Not just because of my looks, but because of the position I have in the mafia. I actually don't remember a time, when I wasn't in the mafia. It's sort of my life. Many think the mafia is only about money, drugs, human traffic, guns and so, but they are wrong. Most of the people, in this mafia anyway, are here because they either didn't have a choice, family or revenge. I myself is here because I didn't have a choice. The current boss found me on the streets when I was 13. He himself was 15 and not boss yet. But he tock me in, fed me, gave me cloths and a home. I have been by his side ever since.

 I am finally back at head quarters, without disposing of the body, of course. It is fun to see the media go crazy about the killer clowns. Cliff is having fun about it too, or Boss, but I don't really call him that. You know, best friend and all. I get a few advantages. But don't tell any of the others. They will just get jealous.

"Hey Cain, how was the killing, man?"

"Oh, hey Michael, just as thrilling as always. I almost got a boner."

"It was that good, huh."

Michael is in one of the lower ranks. The once where you don't get to do as much killing as in the higher once. He is really eager to kill. It is going to get him in trouble some day, though. I love making 'fun' of them, telling them how good and fun it was. Just more fun stuff for me to do. You only live once, right? So better make the best out of it while you can.

But still, it is getting a routine. It is always the same in the end.



So, now you have been introduced to Cain. Let me know, what you think about him, or Winter for that matter. This is a short chapter as well, but it was only meant for introducing you to Cain. I don't have any other chapters written down at the moment, and this is probably one of my stories, that will have slow updates. So be prepared. This was a long authors not, sorry. Oh well, see you in next chapter.


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