My Killer Love

Winter is a scaredy-cat. Not very tall for his age at 23. He stands 5'3 feet with pitch black hair and clear deep blue eyes. No one can hate his innocent, scared, cat behavior. Not even the trained right-hand of the most feared mafia in America, whom Winter quickly becomes attached to, when he learns who the mafia man really is.

Cain is tall, like very tall. He is 6'7 feet, chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes, almost black. With only his 29 year, Cain is fear among the country. No one can order him around, sometimes not even his boss and childhood friend. That is until, Cain meats a certain small, black haired guy, with the most innocent eyes and soul.

How will such a uncommon pair make it, in a world full of blood and war? Will Winter maintain his innocent, will Cain keep on being ad feared as before and will it even work out in the end?
WARNING!!! This book will contain boyxboy sex, so if no like, no read. Violence and torture will also occur. Please don't copy anything.


2. Chapter 2; New job, new friend

Winters pov


I wake up to my alarm clock playing Mercy by Shawn Mendes. First thing I hear in the morning, is someone asking for mercy, not a good start. I don't want to ask for mercy, I don't want any one asking me for mercy. Can't I just have a normal, boring life? My stomach is already turning. Why do I have to be afraid of meeting new people?

Because of my bad stomach, I don't eat the most important meal of the day, my breakfast. I feel lucky I could find an apartment this close to my work-place. At least I am lucky with this. I am going to work behind the counter at Starbucks. I love that place, and I hope, because I love it, it will be easier to talk to the people coming in to get their coffee and other goods.

The bell clime at the top of the door as I enter, making me jump a little. The young lady behind the counter looks up, and smiles kindly at me. It actually looks like she like working here.

I just hope they don't have anything against gay people. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I am gay. It is not something I go around and tell everyone I meet, but if I have to work here, both me and them have to be okay with it. I just have to find the right time or moment to tell them.

"Hey, and welcome to Starbucks. What can I do for you today, sir?"

Lindsey asks me. And no, I am not psychic, I just read her nametag. And no, I am not a perv either. Just because I was looking at that specific spot on her body, does not make me a perv. I have told you before, I am gay. Where was I again? Oh yeah, she asked me a question.

"Um… I am here because of the job. It's my first day, and I don't know what to do."

I manage to whisper out. I am surprised she even heard me.

I can't quit look at her. Mostly because she is a stranger and I don't know her, but also because I know I am blushing, and I find it very embarrassing.

"Awe, aren't you just the cutest. You must be Winter. My name is Lindsey and I am the manager here. Follow me sweetie, and I'll show you what to do. Okay?"

I blush an even darker shade of red and nod, following her behind the counter, to the back room. She hands me a t-shirt with the Starbuck logo on, along with an apron with my name on it.

Lindsey tells me, she is 25 and has been working here since high school. She is the youngest manager they have had here, and very respected. She also explains the ground rules of the café, and what I should do if I encounter a rude costumer. She could very easily tell, that I am a very shy person, so if I ever had any trouble, I could always come to her for help.

The time is now 12:15 pm, which means the lunch-rush is coming up. Though, Lindsey ensured me, that I will not be handling the lunch-rush alone, since it is my first day and all.

As the lunch-rush went on, I slowly started warming up to Lindsey. In the beginning, I was afraid the costumer would be mad at me, for not talking probably to them, and for been slow and clumsy. Though it seemed, that the costumers didn't mind it at all. More enjoyed it, in a good way. I got a lot of comments on how cute I was, and I think I got a few fans. Some of the young girls, even a few boys, said they would come around more if I was working. God, I was blushing, when they told me that.

Now it is 2:35, the lunch-rush is finally over, and it is my break. I made myself a chocolate-mocha frappé and help myself to a piece of chocolate-fudge cake. I love chocolate, and Lindsey said to help myself with anything, when it was time for my break.

I take off my apron and sit at one of the tables closest to the staffroom. As I am eating my delicious cake, I can see a small group of three girls approaching me. I start getting nerves as the sit down around my table. They have a smile on their faces and are giggling. My worst nightmare are coming true. They are going to eat me. They are going to kidnap me, and sell my body to some old, perverted man as a sex slave. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!

I jump when one of the starts talking to me.

"Sooo, cutie? My friends and I were wondering, if you by any change have a girlfriend. And if not, then if you want to join us for coffee later this afternoon? So, what do you say, cutie."

I blush tomato red and can't really form any reasonable sentence. Are-are they coming on to me? Oh god, oh god, oh god, they are. What are they gonna do, when I tell them I am gay? Are they going to be mad, disgusted by me? I can't take it. I think I am having a panic attack.

I start hyperventilating and feeling dizzy. Just when I think I am going to pass out, Lindsey comes to my rescue.

"I am sorry girls, but cute, little Winter here is gay. So if you would be so kind, to stop bothering him, it would be great. I have seen the way you look at him. If you don't stop, I would have to ask you to leave this café immediately."

Even though she is smiling, you can clearly hear the threat in her voice. As Lindsey slowly sits down, I can feel my panic attack going away. It's impressive how I am already comfortable around her. But even though. I look at Lindsey scared, terrified maybe. She knows I am gay, and I didn't even tell her. Oh no, she has a weird expression on her face. Is she disgusted by it? Is she going to fire me? It's me first day and I am already getting fired. I think another panic attack I s slowly creeping its way back up.

"Hey Winter, sweetie. Take it easy. You are not going to get fired, and those girls before, they were only interested in getting down your pants. But don't worry. Mama Lindsey is going to protect her sweet, shy, little gay baby."

Girls scares me. Lindsey scares me a lot, but I think I like her anyway. She is like an overprotecting mother. I hug her with tears in my eyes as I ramble stuff.

"Promise you will never leave me, Lindsey. I was so scared. I thought they were going to eat me. I need you to keep those scary monsters of girls away from me."

Lindsey just hugs me back, while stroking my hair. We sit like that for about 10 minutes, before we pull apart, much to my displeasure. I look Lindsey in the eyes, mine finally stopped tearing.

"Mama Lindsey, how did you know I was gay?"

Lindsey just gives me a warm smile.

"It was just a hunch, sweetie. You are too cute to me straight anyway."

Too cute to be straight..? Am I not normal? Maybe that's why so many boys have flirted with me these past few years. It would make sense. Well, I'm just happy my grandma made me take self-defense classes.

I am brought back to the scary reality by Lindsey's giggling.

"Well, that's enough crying for today, don't you think. Let's get back to work."

I nod my head furiously. I don't want to bring her more trouble. I just hope the rest of my day goes without any other troubles.

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