My Killer Love

Winter is a scaredy-cat. Not very tall for his age at 23. He stands 5'3 feet with pitch black hair and clear deep blue eyes. No one can hate his innocent, scared, cat behavior. Not even the trained right-hand of the most feared mafia in America, whom Winter quickly becomes attached to, when he learns who the mafia man really is.

Cain is tall, like very tall. He is 6'7 feet, chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes, almost black. With only his 29 year, Cain is fear among the country. No one can order him around, sometimes not even his boss and childhood friend. That is until, Cain meats a certain small, black haired guy, with the most innocent eyes and soul.

How will such a uncommon pair make it, in a world full of blood and war? Will Winter maintain his innocent, will Cain keep on being ad feared as before and will it even work out in the end?
WARNING!!! This book will contain boyxboy sex, so if no like, no read. Violence and torture will also occur. Please don't copy anything.


1. Chapter 1; New city, new life

Chapter 1; New city, new life


Winters pov


That was the last box. Phew. This is going to be interesting. New house, new city, mew people, new job, new everything. Scary.

I say a quiet goodbye to the moving-man. He is kind of hot. If I just have the guts to talk probably to him, but I don't.

I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Winter, I just turned 23 a few days ago. My grandma insisted that I moved out of her house, and into a new city, to start a new life, and hopefully forget about the past.

You see, the reason I lived with my grandma, is because my mom and dad died in a car crash, when I was 12, and she was the only family I had left.

I was in the car crash too, though, but I survived. I hate cars. I haven't been in one after the crash, so you can imagine how the ride to my house went. I was scared as fuck. No, not fuck, that’s a bad word. But I was really scared.

But to mention some other things I am scared of, there are thunder and lightning, the dark, loud sounds, heights, tall people, bugs, plains, crowds, girls, they are creepy and really, really scary. I am afraid of dogs, scary movies, blood too. But most of all, I am terrified of clowns. Those things cloud, like kill you, just by you looking at them in the eyes.

Imagine me reaction, when the news started talking about the killer clowns, going around this very town I have come to live in at night, killing people. Not good, I can tell you that.

More about me is that I am 23 years old, wait, you already know that. I am not very tall for my age, and that makes me look a lot younger then I am. I am 5'3 feet, so not that tall. Others says it adds to my cuteness. I have pitch black hair that reaches my chin. It fall in my eyes a lot, so I have to move it away all the time. When I do that, people almost faint at my cuteness, as they say. My eyes are a clear deep blue color. My grandma says she hates those, but I know she loves them. She hates them because when I want something, and I know I can't have it, I use my puppy eyes, that she can't stand. No one can withstand them. I am evil when I want something. Hehe.

Something I am tired of is, that some people think I am a girl. I mean, I know I have a feminine figure and all, but come on. I don't look that much like a girl, do I? Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE flirts with me. Some boys and girls only do it because they think I am a girl. And that can end out in three ways. 1, they stop and apologies. 2, they keep on flirting. And 3, they stop and tell me how disgusting I am, for making them believe I was a girl, even the girls. I don't get that one.  

My grandma calls me innocent. I don't like swearwords, because they are mostly used when yelling, and I don't like that. Every time someone  mentions sex of any sorts, I blush madly, stick my fingers in my ear, sing silly songs and walks away. I don't know why, but I always get embarrassed when talking about sex. And yes, I am a virgin. I haven't even had my first kiss yet.

One thing my grandma don't know is, that I absolutely love anime, and watches it all the time, when I can that is. If she finds out, she will say it only adds to my innocents. So shhhh, she can't find out.

After what feels like decades, I am finally done with unpacking. It's not because my apartment is big, but because I had to make sure everything was in its right place. Nothing is to be out of place, otherwise I will panic if I can't find it, and because that way I can easily see, if there is or have been an intruder.

I through myself at my coach, too lazy to go to my bedroom, rapping myself in my fluffy blanket, snuggling deep into it. Tomorrow is going to be a tough day.



Hi my lovely bookworms, so, I did something stupid. I started a new book, even though I have others that needs to be finished. But anyway, this one is short because it is only meant to introduce you to my lovely Winter. Next one is coming up soon. I sort of already wrote 3 chapters…  See you in next chapter.


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