My Killer Love

Winter is a scaredy-cat. Not very tall for his age at 23. He stands 5'3 feet with pitch black hair and clear deep blue eyes. No one can hate his innocent, scared, cat behavior. Not even the trained right-hand of the most feared mafia in America, whom Winter quickly becomes attached to, when he learns who the mafia man really is.

Cain is tall, like very tall. He is 6'7 feet, chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes, almost black. With only his 29 year, Cain is fear among the country. No one can order him around, sometimes not even his boss and childhood friend. That is until, Cain meats a certain small, black haired guy, with the most innocent eyes and soul.

How will such a uncommon pair make it, in a world full of blood and war? Will Winter maintain his innocent, will Cain keep on being ad feared as before and will it even work out in the end?
WARNING!!! This book will contain boyxboy sex, so if no like, no read. Violence and torture will also occur. Please don't copy anything.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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