BATIM Fanfiction

I haven't found ANY Bendy and the Ink Machine fanfiction on here, so I decided to make one ^-^


5. 4

[Insert Henry here]

Henry's POV, 30 years later
I opened the door to my old workplace, earning a groan from the door in response. I looked at the letter I was sent, triple checking it was to the right person.
"All right Joey, I'm here. Now let's see if we can find what you wanted me to see." I walked around for a while before finding my old desk. I chuckled slightly. "I wasted so much time here." I moved on, jumping at the sudden fall of a board from the ceiling. But I continued on until I found a giant machine labeled 'INK'.
"Hmm.....looks like I need to turn it on." I wandered around, collecting random items. I didn't know why, but it felt like the right thing to do. I went into a room, and what I saw dumbfounded me. Boris was strapped to an elevated table, his chest wide open and gutless. "Joey, what have you been doing....?" I couldn't do anything about Boris, he was dead anyway, so what could I do? I found an ink container beside the table and made my leave quickly. When I finished piling the items, I came back with a paint brush I had found, but six of the things I had in the pile had vanished. I stared at the pile for a few moments before going into another room, containing a big button that read 'FLOW' and a lever. The button was lit up, so I pressed it, and nothing happened. I pulled the lever and something began flowing through the pipes, rusted and worn out, and ink began spraying out of the holes in the pipes. I decided to go back to the ink machine, to see what it did, when I noticed it was all border up! I walked closer, to get a better look when something sprang out at me, as if trying to grab me and pull me in the now ink-flooded room. I fell, but quickly got back to my feet and ran back the way I came. With the ink rising quickly, I raced towards the exit, only to find myself falling through the floor. When I hit the ground, I realized that the inky blob that grabbed at me was Bendy. But I didn't do anything to him........right? I looked around to get a better idea as to where I was, and noticed I was sitting smack-dab in the center of a pentagram.
"What the hell Joey?! Ugh, I need to find a way out." I looked around the burning candles and the coffins - two, presumably for Boris and Bendy, from what I'd seen upstairs.....
I found an axe leaning against the wall and picked it up, then began swinging it down on the boards blocking off the hallway leading out of this......this ritual room.

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